Tuesday, September 12, 2017

App Review – Coozyn

The market for food apps is exploding. Every day it seems like there's another mobile app that can deliver your next meal or get your groceries. And with meal-delivery apps like Blue Apron raising millions of dollars in funding, expect the new industry to only get more crowded. The thing about these food related apps is that they can actually be quite useful. You just have to know which ones to try. From finding the best restaurants to getting your groceries delivered to your doorstep, here is one the best food apps.

What is Coozyn all about?

The name of the app that we’re so exciting to show you is Coozyn. This is an all-in-one food app for all the iOS foodies out there that would like to easily order food. This awesome app has the ability to connect people with delicious destinations, recipes and the people and cultures that inspired them. It is created with smooth UI and provides with various features for both consumers and chefs.

Standout Features

With this unique app, you can easily search and find meals from chefs and food locals. Even if you don't know from which place or from which cook to order, you can just enter what you would like to eat and the app will take care of the rest. You can order anytime, anywhere! You will also know if the food seller is available or not, and the meal if available or not, you will be able to choose from picking up your food or have it delivered, to make payments with Apple Pay or Credit Card, to save your favorites, and so on.

The creators of this amazing app have also brought us Coozyner and Coozyn Pilot. Coozyner is n app especially developed for food sellers and businesses. With this app users can easily include the meals they’re making, add their food brand and let other people place food orders. The Coozyn Pilot app actually helps in delivering orders around your city, so you can use it for making money on your schedule. Whether using your car, on foot, bicycle or public transportation, you can select any of the options and start earning right away. This way you will collaborate with food sellers (from Coozyner app) and start delivering specifically for them.

Whatever your order is, the Coozyn app will help you find it. Make sure you get it today – it is currently available for free on the App Store and soon coming on Google Play!

Official Website Link: Coozyn

App Store Download Link: Coozyn

App Store Download Link: Coozyner

App Store Download Link: Coozyn Pilot