Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Most Useful App of the Week - Sound Cradle

Few days ago we reviewed Sound Cradle, app that features tons of baby sleeping sounds and can be of enormous help to any parent. Because of the great usability and potential to help parents, we are again praising it as our Most Useful App of the Week. Enjoy!

Why you need it?

Before your baby arrives, or in the early days, update your phone with a host of new apps that will help you survive the newborn stage. From sound machines that’ll help you get a few more moments of sleep to tracking apps that’ll help you log everything from feedings to milestones. We tapped and tested an army of apps to find the best tools that will help make life a bit easier for those that just welcomed a wee one.

Useful and helpful app

Now let us introduce you to quite useful and helpful app called Sound Cradle, a lullaby app specially designed for young mommies and daddies to assist them handling the intense moments of chaos around the baby. Read carefully because you shouldn’t miss this great opportunity of an app to play your parent role effortlessly.

Sleeping sounds
Babies are huge responsibility so that’s why is important to have this app on your Android or IOS device as a hidden ace in a poker game. Sound Cradle abounds with a lot of sound effects that will calm and relax your baby when it will be disturbed and crying like the sounds of rain, ocean, shower, mountain stream, water, hairdryer etc.

Available on Google Play Store and App Store

Get the baby sleep sounds app immediately on Google Play Store or App Store if you want to become a pro parent and escape the unwanted annoying situation that comes in a package with that lovely, little and sweet creatures.

More information about Sound Cradle available on the official website!

Google Play Download Link: Sound Cradle

App Store Download Link: Sound Cradle

Official Website: http://soundcradle.net/