Sunday, August 13, 2017

Arcade Game of the Month – StackD

You know that the games we share with you are always unique and fun. Likewise, we chose an amazing one as our Arcade Game of the Month – StackD. It has become one of our favorite games since we’ve reviewed it on our site a while ago. So here it is again, read on and enjoy!

What is StackD all about?

StackD is an awesome block survival game that can be enjoyed by users of any age. It offers a simple, addictive and fun gameplay, colorful HD graphics and engaging sounds. It comes with a wonderful and enticing concept, one that’s definitely going to offer you hours and hours of intense gaming experiences.

In here, the games are randomized and your primary goal is to dodge the blocks. The more blocks you dodge, the higher scores you will win. Avoid the obstacles that can make you lose the game and don’t forget that each color means something! The idea is that each color comes with a different behavior. The more you spend your time learning the rules and experimenting with blocks, the easier the game will be for sure.

Test your gaming skills and puzzle capabilities, have hours of challenging fun by downloading the StackD game for free from the following links.

Google Play Download Link: StackD

App Store Download Link: StackD