Saturday, July 29, 2017

Health & Fitness App of the Month - MYB – The 10k Group Challenge

Few days ago, one of our team member wrote a review about an awesome social health game called MYB – The 10k Group Challenge. Because it really motivates any user to live a healthier life, we decided to share it with you again and proclaim it a Health & Fitness App of the Month.

What is MYB - The 10k Group Challenge & How Does it Work?

Move Your Butt is one of the best fitness & health games out there and let us tell you why!

The app is very challenging and competitive and will make you change your bad habits into good ones. It is a great help for those struggling with diseases like obesity, diabetes or simply just want to lose some weight! Move Your Butt can connect to any social media and you can track your results which helps you focus on your health and motivation to achieve your goals.

You can count your steps and even challenge against other people in the 10K step challenge! All you need to do is walk 21 days to lose weight and reach your goal. If a member simply fails to walk those 10K steps, then the group does not win the challenge. You don’t have to walk alone to lose weight – now you can do it in groups with your friends which is very supportive! Make a group and take the 10K steps challenge to lose weight and fight obesity.

Stay motivated, stick to your diet to lose weight with Move Your Butt! Download this amazing app today and start challenging yourself to get more active throughout the day.

Google Play Download Link: MYB – The 10k Group Challenge

App Store Download Link: MYB – The 10k Group Challenge

Official Website Link: MYB – The 10k Group Challenge