Thursday, July 20, 2017

Effortless & Detailed Cinema App for All Movie Lovers – UAE Cinema Showtime

You’ve decided to go to the movies spontaneously but you need fast and precise information about cinema schedules in your nearby cinema, movie listings and details about the movie you want to watch. Looking these information on cinema websites can take a long time. What about an app that could help you get all information quickly? We’ve found a cinema app that will satisfy your movie needs – UAE Cinema Showtime.

What is UAE Cinema Showtime all about?

Precise and intuitive cinema app for users that want to find detailed information about movie listings and cinema schedules instantly. Fast and complete movie listings for android and iPhone users, for every city that has cinema catered by UAE. This one of a kind app won the award for Best App UX of the year on the Shortlist Mobile App Award in Dubai. Simply choose your Emirate and this app will quickly give you full movie listings. Get quick, precise information about your closest cinema and favorite movies with this awesome app for all cinema lovers!

Why do we choose it?

You want complete and quick information about cinema schedules and detailed movie listings, this is the right choice for you. Source effortlessly any kind of information about your nearby cinema and movies catered by UAE. The users are offered to search movies and cinemas by their city or preferred cinema with simple fast functionality filter. Quick information about movies, genres, actors and plots. With reminder notifications about movies you wish to watch you will never miss another movie. For every movie you search, this app offers you full movie details: actors, ratings, genres and trailers about the movie. Share your experience about the cinema and the movie with friends on social media!

Google Play Download Link: UAE Cinema Showtime

App Store Download Link: UAE Cinema Showtime