Friday, July 14, 2017

Dating App of the Month - Picka

Picka is one of the best dating apps we reviewed on HighTechHolic in the last few months. That is why it was clear that we need to give it another appraisal, this time as our Dating App of the Month! Read why, and be sure to get it in this exciting summer times to find some hot dates near your location.
Make dating exciting

Dating sometimes is boring (when you can’t find the right match) or sometimes can be very interesting and exciting. That’s why we offer you Picka the dating app for success in your seeking and match new singles around you because it’s summer season, perfect for new romances and adventures. Why not if you’re still single?

Why we loved it?

With Picka making out with some hot singles in your area will be arranged effortlessly because the app was created by professionals in dating industry after years of researches and studies. It works all across the world and currently it has 10k+ users which are growing rapidly.

Choose your potential candidate for date

Just create Picka profile with a touch or simply login with your Facebook profile and your perfect matches will be available in second. There is Smart Dating option wich will give you appropriate information about the mutual connection between you and the potential candidate for your date. You can use also the Picka inbox and Real Time Chat for the dating purpose wich are the greatest channel to connect with the one that you’ve found interest in. What we loved is the block feature too, which stops anyone who tries to contact you.

Great possibility to meet new people

No doubt this dating app is a great possibility to meet with new people or arrange new dates that maybe it will be your next partner in life or just beautiful summer-love adventure that you won’t forget.

PICKA is available on Google Play Store, App Store or simply on the official Website.

Google Play Download Link: PICKA

App Store Download Link: PICKA