Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Complice - Everything is Better with a Partner in Crime

The most popular social apps – Facebook and WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, as well as Twitter and Snapchat – have hundreds of millions of people using them. They’re not in any immediate danger of being dislodged from your home screen. That hasn’t stopped startups from trying, though. There are hundreds releasing new social apps all hoping to be the next big smartphone hit. Most fail, some get bought by bigger fish as they start to grow, but many have some inventive ideas along the way about what the next social networking trends will be.

What is Complice?

One developer team had a great idea for a new social networking app and managed to bring it to all ios users. We’re talking about one of the coolest apps we’ve encountered – Complice. It is an intuitive, simple and easy to use platform that helps people meet other people in real life, for all kinds of social occasions.
Standout Features

Complice is completely free to use and it only requires making a profile. Sign in, add your preferences and start chatting and meeting people in real life. There are 4 different sections that this app is based on: Social Complice, Travel Complice, Study Complice and Fitness Complice. With these you can find someone to keep you company to check out a new hot spot, catch a happy hour, like-minded travelers to explore new places with, someone to help maximize your potential and someone to have fun with on college campus, a workout partner that can increase your frequency and enjoyment of working out, and so much more.

If you want to join the Complice community of fun people, download it now from the App Store and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

App Store Download Link: Complice

Official Website: Complice