Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Adventure Game of the Month - Running Dead: World of Zombie

Last month we wrote a short review about an adventure game called Running Dead: World of Zombie. We knew that we need to give it another appraisal since it was a game that offered amazing entertainment on our Android and iOS devices. Its cool graphics, fun gameplay and the unique challenges are the main reason why it’s making you come back for more and more! Let’s talk about it again, as it’s our choice for an Adventure Game of the Month.

What is Running Dead: World of Zombie?

Running Dead: World of Zombie is a 2D platform game. The story starts off with the evil Dr. Donald killing Richard’s family and conquering his world. You are now on a mission to revenge your loved ones and kill the evil doctor while avoiding the zombie army that is protecting him. Richard needs your powerful skills to get as far as he can, unlocking new achievements. The doctor has all sorts of crafts and dangerous zombies by his side that will try to kill you if you try to get to him – that’s why you will need to jump, run and shoot them in order to get to the doctor!

Why Do We Like the Game?

We like the game because it is very challenging! The doctor needs to be destroyed along with his evil army because he conquered your world and killed your loved ones. That is harsh but it keeps you motivated throughout the game. You will be able to use many different characters – each one with special powers that will help Richard on his mission to kill the dead. The best thing about the game is that you will be able to unlock new worlds, designed precisely with stunning graphics and amazing sound effects.

So get ready before you download the game because you won’t be able to stop playing! Get it now from the following links.

App Store Download Link: Running Dead: World of Zombie

Google Play Download Link: Running Dead: World of Zombie