Thursday, May 18, 2017

Shopping App of the Week – Vendr

Buying and selling things online isn’t quite easy. We are well aware of that, that’s why we did a review on our favorite shopping app few days ago. It received a good feedback and it is still updated with great content, so we decided to show it to you again, this time as a shopping app of the week.

What is Vendr?

But even if you have everything you need ready, you will still need a good app to list your things. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We present to you the first cashless local marketplace app called Vendr. This iOS tool lets its users to buy and sell things locally, effortlessly, and safely. It is an innovative app full of unique features that can make you think “Buying and selling has never been easier!”.

Standout Features

Vendr is a feature-rich marketplace platform that stunned us with its organization and intuitiveness. It is perfect for buyers and sellers as well because it takes away all awkward bargaining on the spot, driving to an ATM before a pickup or being nervous about carrying large amounts of cash to a stranger's place, sharing personal information, etc. All you have to do is list your things for selling or scroll through the listings to see if you want to buy something, reserve and pay/receive payment through the app. All transactions are made via the app itself, so you no longer have to wait 24 hours or more to get your money. You can even make audio and video calls, set up a mile fee for delivery, user it on your iPhone and iPad, etc.

If you want to get Vendr, click the links below, read more useful info and download it for free!

App Store Download Link: Vendr

Official Website: Vendr