Monday, May 15, 2017

Most Useful App of the Month – DA Rewards

Few days ago one of our staff members wrote an article about an amazing app called DA Rewards. We made it a most useful app of the month because it is a really easy way to earn PayPal cash, gift cards and other rewards simply by using your phone or tablet. Launched on the Android platform, it doesn’t require much of its users, it is reliable, easy to use and worth of reviewing it again.

What is DA Rewards & Why Did We Love It?

Do we really need another reason besides the one that this is one of those rare apps that offer a real payout? DA Rewards provides with all kinds of gift cards and PayPal cash that you can redeem in no time. How? Install the app on your device, check out the list of offers and choose one of them that you like or download the offer with the highest payout (like download a game or an app). Use it for a while and get back to the app in order to get your points. Also, you can get even more rewards if you have a social media site or a website with a lot of traffic or if you just share links with your friends. Amazing, right?

Don’t hesitate, download DA Rewards for free from Google Play and get a really big passive income!

Google Play Download Link: DA Rewards