Monday, May 15, 2017

Enjoy an Unforgettable Space Adventure with Space Joy

No matter how powerful the processor of your smartphone is, sometimes only 8 bits are needed to become the happiest gamer. We can fool ourselves all we want, but the reason why we download retro games has little to do with gameplay, design or argument. The reality is that nostalgic factor is best operated these titles in Android. If you want to enjoy a great retro inspired 2D platformer, we present to you the Space Joy game.

What is Space Joy & Why We Loved It?

It is an Android game that involves tons of cool, nostalgic jumping and shooting in space features, a casual game app that is not that easy to put down. Developed by Abcgames, Space Joy shines with easy controls, unique story, fun music and incredible retro pixilated artwork.

We especially loved the story that follows this game. It is about an astronaut named Tim who has a difficult task – to destroy the aliens and save his invaded planet. That’s where you come in – tap in order to jump and shoot, avoid obstacles, kill the enemies and collect as many coins as you can. The goal is to score as many points and pass through all challenging levels.

Don’t wait any longer, entertain yourself by downloading Space Joy for free from Google Play and show it to your friends and family.

Google Play Download Link: Space Joy