Wednesday, May 17, 2017

App Review – Speacher

Mobile learning. Tablets in the classroom. Apps replacing textbooks. Apple may have started the craze, but the trend is now platform and device-agnostic. While iOS remains the system of choice for most developers (if for no other reason than the wild-west of the Google Play Marketplace versus Apple’s more streamlined iTunes store), learning-with-apps is as accessible on Android devices as it is on the venerable iDevice. So for both Android and iOS users, today we have one of the best educational apps on the market, a digital teacher called Speacher.

What is Speacher & Why Is It One of Our Favorite Apps?

It is a free-to-use cross-platform app that allows you to learn whatever you want by using the simple question and answer principle. You get a question, you answer it, you make high scores and you try to beat your time. This way you’re more focused, you train yourself and you’re learning faster. Speacher is perfect for users that want to learn something new, for those who want to prepare themselves for exams and tests, and for teachers that want to teach their students something useful.

The app is presented with intuitive user interface which offers high-quality experience, supports various languages for you to learn, an option for you to categorize your questions into questionnaires, a share option for you to share your questionnaires with your friends, it works on both phones and tablets, and above all – it is completely free for download!

Read more useful info about the app and get it by clicking one of the links below.

App Store Download Link: Speacher

Google Play Download Link: Speacher