Sunday, April 2, 2017

Productivity App of the Month - Text Groups

Text messages are the preferred way of keeping in touch for many people. They are fast, efficient, personal. And you can (nearly) always be sure the recipient will get your message. If their phone happens to be switched off or out of range when you send, as soon as they have a signal again your SMS will reach them. 

This functionality is enabled in the stock iOS app, but when it comes to features likes sending sms to group of people features are limited. That is why this month, as our Productivity App of the Month, we have an app that will quickly and effectively take care of your sending SMS to groups.

Crafted from Smartsquare, developing studio from Belgium, the app is simple, light, yet so incredibly powerful in terms of enabling easy sending features for its users. 

Text Groups - easy & fast SMS to group of contacts is created to save you time with its SMS features for sending SMS text message to large and small groups of people with in just few taps. Just tap on the "+" easily select the contacts you want to send SMS to, create the message and it is done. You can create unlimited number of groups and organize your life even better.

Full list of features:

• Import your existing iCloud groups at first use
• Create your own groups: Family, Friends, Colleagues…
• Change your groups by assigning/removing contacts
• Already assigned contacts/numbers are always marked
• Use “Select All” feature to assign all your contacts at once
• Enabling multiple numbers selection per contact
• The total number of contacts is always shown for each group
• Easily find your groups or contacts to be assigned/removed
• Display order of contacts in line with your device settings
• Newly created groups are always highlighted for easy access
• Using templates to save time and send the same content
• Available in more than 15 languages
At this particular moment you will rarely find a better send SMS to group app. What's even more interesting as it can be seen on the App Store page of the app is that the developers are announcing more and more features. Adding reminders and iCloud sync are just few of them. Get the app for free and let it be your main SMS messaging app. Follow the updates for more features.

App Store Download Link: Text Groups