Thursday, April 6, 2017

iOS App of the Month - EverCal

We reviewed EverCal few days ago and we are still impressed. This 3-in-1 productivity tool that serves as a great family organizer app impressed us with its simplicity, versatility and stunning ui. When you take into consideration that it is produced by YunaSoft, one of the best ever calendar & productivity app developers on the App Store, you couldn't expect less.

What it is, how can you make use of it?

Like we said this is a family organizer and productivity app that puts sharing of schedules and calendars with the whole family in a simple to use app. On top of that, users can manage their notes, journals and to-do lists all in one place. 

Users can also add journals and to-do lists to their calendar and categorize them all by color coding and custom fonts. Pretty neat and handy feature that feels amazing!

Many apps and services seek to do the same, but EverCal gets our recommendation because it combines so many features so easily and effectively. It’s indeed all-in-one app that can solve many of your life’s problems.

Why you will like it?

It's easy to use, helpful and versatile. Simply It allows you to create both private and sharable notes, journals and to-do lists. You can categorize, create and share your schedules with the whole family and manage your daily tasks together. It's truly amazing!

EverCal offers everything for free – you can download it from the App Store’s link for free.

App Store Download Link: EverCal

Website: YunaSoft