Tuesday, April 18, 2017

App of the Week - videmic offline video sharing

Reviewed few months ago, and with a huge updates in the last few versions of Videmic, there wasn't any doubts that Videmic will be our App of The Week. With the new version users can add Video recommendations for download. See why videmic is one of the best apps to enjoy and share videos without internet.

What is Videmic?

With the videmic app, you can watch your videos everywhere, as often as you like. Moreover, instantly share them without data usage. This is adhoc p2p video sharing! Thus, videmic is a social video app as periscope or vine, though videmic works without internet.

In the app, the flashing videmic icon indicates the search for new videos with matching hash tags in the proximity. Videmic performs this search periodically, even if users have their smartphones in their pockets. Video transmission is very fast. This is because videmic utilizes proprietary system software for using the Wi-Fi interface of a smartphone for device-to-device communication. Thus, videmic can perform video sharing as fast as a transmission via Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Videmic is not just a social offline video sharing app. In fact, videmic is a proximity-based, mobile social network. Friendships established using near field communication when users meet face-to-face. After establishing a friendship relation, the users’ profile information and their lists of friends can be mutually transferred without Internet.

Users can also subscribe to channels of your stars and download their videos for watching them with the Videmic offline video player. It still remains one of the best offline video players.

Furthermore, videos with access only for friends can now be received from each other. Addition of this useful app is worth for your device. It is available for Android devices and can be installed free from the links at the end.

Google Play Download Link: videmic offline video sharing
Website: https://videmic.de/en/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/videmicapp?lang=en