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Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

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Sunday, December 10, 2017

neoDefense – Defend Your Sprout of New Life From Countless Invaders

iOS tower-defense games can be a fun way to pass the time and challenge your skills at strategy. The App Store is packed full of these games, in which you defend a stronghold from wave after wave of enemy attacks. You may be facing formidable forces of orcs, werewolves, zombies, trolls or toy soldiers. Defensive structures range from archery towers to cannons and missile launchers. Regardless of the theme of the game, the goal is consistent throughout the tower defense category: wipe out the enemy before they overtake your position. So today we picked one of our favorites in this category – neoDefense.

What is neoDefense?

neoDefense is an extraordinary tower defense game packed with multiple missions and huge challenges, set in a core of new life invaded by countless creeps. Created with unique design and an amazing soundtrack, this game provides with a great gaming experience to any iOS user that wants something new and exciting.

Build Your Tower & Defend It from the Enemies

The main objective in neoDefense is to build a tower and defend it from dangerous invaders. Like we said, the gameplay is set in the new age world, where you have to build your own fortresses and to defeat and destroy your enemies. It demands your defense tactics and strategies, and your fighting skills to be at the top of your game to prove your supremacy. Build your fortress any way you wish, upgrade your weapons and fight against Build your fortress any way you wish, upgrade weapons. Make high scores, complete as many missions as you can and be patient because more cool features are coming!

Enjoy epic battles, immerse yourself in mass destruction and use smart defense strategy to dominate your enemies. Get neoDefense today – it’s available on the App Store. Just click the link below and let the invasion begin!

App Store Download Link: neoDefense

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Perfect Bubble Breaker Weed Bubble Shooter Game is Excellent for Cannabis & Hush Fans

Puzzle games, just like every other genre, are sharing in the mobile gaming boom. Touchscreen controls are ideal for intuitive control of puzzle elements, and short, sharp mental challenges are perfect for gaming on the go. From abstract games and physics puzzles to murder mysteries and more, check out our pick from 20 challenging puzzle games that you can enjoy anywhere.

Amazing marihuana puzzle game

Here we have a great surprise for all of you hardcore fans of great puzzles but this proposal will be of special value if you’re already and a fan of cannabis and hush and if you’re supporting the legalization movement over the world. Namely, we want to introduce you to Weed Bubble Shooter  cannabis games puzzle that will mesmerize you with the lovely weed stoner raccoon that plunks everywhere in order to find amnesia haze to save his friends to make legalize freedom on Jamaica.

The game features

The game abounds with many hemp levels, powerful hemp booster, illegal stoner rastaman abilities, plank weed leaf and worships the narcotic humor of marijuana. We want to warn you that it’s quite easy to fall in hours of addictive and exciting gameplay but also we must emphasize that your boredom will disappear instantly.
As we say this game is perfect for cannabis and hush fans but we also must emphasize that the game doesn’t encourage using any kind of narcotics, it’s just for the sake of good entertainment.

Free to play

The Weed Bubble Shooter marihuana puzzle game app is available for free downloading on Google Play Store and App Store so if we successfully make you interested in this game here are the links to get it. Enjoy the journey of the stoner raccoon and his mission to free the cannabis use as on Jamaica. Share your experience with us!

Google Play Download Link: Weed Bubble Shooter

App Store Download Link: Weed Bubble Shooter 

Improve Your Tennis with Central Court

The fast progress of mobile technology has given us many luxuries throughout the years that have made our lives so much simpler and convenient, coining a phrase that will remain with us for years to come – “Uh, there’s an app for that”.  When it comes to tennis, the app markets are full of useful apps that will make even the pickiest of fans, players and tennis enthusiasts happy, each bringing their own unique dose of and giving you a rightful set of tools that appeal to your tennis passion. One of these apps is Central Court!

Track your stats & improve with Central Court

This app will track and record all of your tennis matches, results and statistics. All you need to do is start the application at the beginning of the match and put some additional information at the end of the match before closing the application. Central Court will save your results and stats and upload them to the cloud so you can access them whenever you need them. Your tennis stats will come handy if you want to improve your play. You can use this app to analyze your performance statistics and improve your tennis. The app will keep a history of your match results with your rivals in a Head2Head style and will keep all of the statistics of your tennis matches in singles and doubles to analyze and improve your performance in a simple and efficient way.

Socialize, stay in touch & compete with other tennis players

Central Court doubles as a social network for tennis players, no matter if pro or beginner. You can follow your tennis friends and rivals, club buddies or follow professional tennis players. See their match stats and scores, and like or comment on their activities and photos.  On your Central Court profile you can upload pictures from your best tennis moments and share them with your tennis friends and colleagues. You can easily share them on other social media (match results and stats also) like your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts. 

Other than that Central Court also promotes friendly competition with a personalized tennis ranking, to compete in with your friends and rivals.

Central Court is the perfect mash of sports and social app for every tennis player! No matter if you are a beginner or experienced tennis player, Central Court is the perfect app to better your tennis experience. You can find and download it at Google Play Store or the App Store.

Google Play Store download link: Central Court

App Store download link: 
Central Court

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Nufie – Find Activities & New Friends in Your Area – Nufie

If you are looking for a way to share your favorite activities with friends or even new people, why not use an app to help you? Finding the right social networking app for these purposes can help you easily create activities and even find activities based on your taste, and more than that, with this type of app you can meet new friends to share similar interests. In order to help you, we did our research and we have the app that can help you. Let’s discuss about it.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for IOS users, this social networking app is easy to use, simple created and suitable for anyone that looks for people that share the same interests as them. With the help of this entertaining app, users can find and meet new people from their area, create activities or explore activities posted by others while finding friends with similar interests. The app allows users to become co-creators of this universe and pioneers, inviting their friends, sharing interests with people and finding new people that have the same taste for activities as them.

Why do we love this app?

Nufie is easily and quickly helping users explore this app with finding the right activities and people. Users on this app can create their own activities and share them with other users. Also, all users can explore the app and find activities posted by other users that match their taste. The app can certainly help people meet new people from their area with similar interests, easily and quickly, without much effort. Users can decide if they want to make their activities public or private, choosing the users they want to share with and even users can decide the number of users that are allowed to attend their activities.

This app is offering users to translate the activities on their own language too. With this app users will constantly keeping track of the activities being posted, getting fresh notifications each time a user creates an activity that matches his interest. The app will certainly help users connect with people that like the same things as them. Download this app on App Store now for free.

Official Website: Nufie

App Store Download Link: Nufie

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Spelling Stage – Amazing Spelling App for Users over the Age of 4

Your child's education doesn't have to stop after school. So why not use an app on your smartphone to help you educate your kid while keeping him interested in the process with engaging and entertaining games? If you want to help your kid learn to spell properly you certainly should use an app that offers fun challenges with awards, helping your kid develop his spelling skills. We did our research and we found the right spelling app for this. Let’s talk about this helpful app.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for IOS users, this education app is highly challenging and entertaining, offering its users to easily learn to spell through fun games, awards and competitions. Suitable for people over the age of 4, this app allows users to enjoy many hours of spelling games, helping them to learn without much effort. The challenging spelling sessions allow the users to learn or help others learn to spell, letting him to challenge his friends and family into contests. On the app, users will certainly enjoy the amazing narrations as the fun characters for playing.

Why do we love this app?

The Spelling Stage is offering all its users to play in 3 unique competitions from the kindergarten competition to the national champion competition. Using this amazing app can help users to easily, without much effort learn to spell in one unique and fun way. The users can use the app to join contests from the whole world and collect many awards for their achievements. Also, on the app users can customize their character by preference or more special, to use their own photo for the customization.

The 3D touch feature on the app is allowing users to launch multiple characters that can help them beat the clock when they are competing. In this spelling community users are able to create and share contests, invite people and compete with them. Also, this app is a great choice for ELS students. With the help of this app users will certainly learn to spell and have endless fun with many awards for their spelling skills in this engaging process of learning full with spelling challenges.

Download this app on App Store now for free.

App Store Download Link: Spelling Stage

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Find Your People & Events with Peoplr

Though many of today's best-known social platforms began on the web, the iPhone — by putting social media in our pockets — is what helped the industry explode.  The App Store is home to over half a million apps and games, and a surprising number of them are available for free. Some of the most popular free apps are - surprise, surprise - free social networking apps. Today we are introducing you to Peoplr, location-aware social networking app that will help you get and stay in touch with the people in your area.

Why is Peoplr our pick?

When it comes to location-based social networking, Peoplr is the app that meets all of our expectations. The app have great profile creation features, comes with free chat and excellent design. Peoplr is one of the rare apps that concentrates more on the social aspect of the social media networking which is not a common thing in today’s ocean of social apps that are overflowing the market. Peoplr have powerful search feature which includes many filters like hobbies, talents, interests and more to make connecting with the right people easier and more efficient.

Peoplr’s powerful event creation features

With Peoplr you can search for and explore events that match your interests and are happening near you. You can explore the people which attended the events and meet people with similar interests this way also. Aside from that you can also create your own events. This makes Peoplr perfect if you are musician or artist. Peoplr gives you the ability to set up your own event and even charge for the tickets all through the app itself.

You can find and download Peoplr for free at the App Store today. Try it out for yourself and start growing your social circle with the help of Peoplr.

App Store download link: Peoplr

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Build Magnificent Body and Improve your Health with a PRO Fitness Muscle&Motion Strength app

Weight lifting and training can be a divisive pastime. For some, it is a pastime which has the ability to be more consuming than a pastime and instead develops into a competitive sport, while for others, it can seem a daunting pastime to get involved in. No matter what your level or reason for wanting to get involved in weight training, there are a number of IOS & Android apps which can help. Here is our pick from the ten of the apps that you might want to try.

Close to million users worldwide

Let we introduce you a professional health and fitness app called Muscle&Motion Strength that brings a lot of benefits to users, and that’s why this app is super successful with close to million users worldwide. So, the results are a guarantee, now it’s all up to you, do you want to improve your health and body system?
Muscle&Motion Strength is a systematic app that step by step will lead you and guide you to create the body from your dream and improves your health drastically. The app contains 4000+ 3D high-quality videos (3D Functional Training Anatomy, 3D Core Training Anatomy, 3D Anatomy of the Muscular System), stretching exercise, guide steps for avoiding the common mistakes or injuries in training etc.

Proven results

Our team has already tried it and working out with this fit programs and what can we say than WOW! It’s a great possibility to master your health and body and motivate you in almost every other fields of life, that’s why we love it! 
The fitness exercises app is also perfect to gain more knowledge especially for personal fitness trainers & fitness coaches, pilates, dance & yoga instructors, teachers, bodybuilders, weight lifters & athletes, chiropractors and physical, occupational and massage therapists, kinesiology & anatomy students and university & college professors, fitness lovers & trainees etc.

Fair price of $59,99  for a year

Don’t waste your time and energy and get the app on App Store just for only $59,99  for a year, which we think is more than a fair price.. Get fit, enjoy your life with Muscle&Motion Strength app and share your experience with us!

App Store Download Link: Muscle & Motion Strength

Google Play Download Link: Muscle & Motion Strength Training

StreetAway – Always Available Deals that Will Save You Money

Shoppers have a problem. We get too many coupons and discounts thrown our way. It’s hard to sort through them all so we can locate the ones we actually want to use. Luckily for you, there is an app that can solve these problems. Using the right app can help you find the best deals and discounts in your local area and never again miss another money saving opportunity. We did our research and we have the app that can help you. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for android and IOS users, this is one easy to use, efficient and highly practical lifestyle app which is helping its users to instantly and easily find the best deals, offers and promotions in their local area in real time with saving them money, without any effort. The app allows users to explore their surroundings and find promotions and discounts in their favorite restaurants, bars, coffee places and more, never again missing the best opportunities. With the app users will constantly be up to date with the opportunities, benefiting from them and saving money with each deal.

Why do we love this app?

Created for the Newcastle area but soon it will expand and will be available for other places too. With using this app, users can instantly and efficiently look for the best deals and save money in their local area in real time with the app’s location-based map. Offering users to reserve the best deals and promotions quickly and without any effort while the venue is receiving the reservations immediately, expecting the user. Just with turning up the app the users can enjoy their experience and save their money easily.

On this app, users can also pay through the app when they are done with their deals. The app is offering all the users the option to read reviews about other people’s experiences or to write their own opinion for the other users to read it. Two types of bookings are available on the app. The users can use the live reservations to instantly reserve their deal and just turn up in the allotted time. And, the users can also use the app’s vouchers with buying them immediately and using them in their valid time with only displaying them in the entry of the venue. On this app, users can for sure find the best offers for them easily and save money along the way.

Download this app on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Official Website: StreetAway

Google Play Download Link: StreetAway

App Store Download Link: StreetAway

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Twin Diamonds – Navigate the Diamonds & Get Rewards for your Skills

Each one of us likes playing games on our smartphones. Some of them like entertaining games for killing boredom and others like challenging games that will keep us excited every time we play. What if there is one game that offered fun and challenges in one? Well, there is but is not easy for finding. So, we did our research and we found the one touch arcade game that offers endless levels of challenges and fun. Let’ discuss it.

What is this game exactly?

Developed for IOS users, this one touch arcade is offering its players limitless fun while challenging them in many endless levels, daily challenges and rewards for their achievements. The game is offering the best players to get on top of the global leaderboard while letting them enjoy the high-quality minimalistic design of the game followed by exciting sound effects each time they play. The players will certainly fall in love with the game on their first try, become addicted to it fast while having fun getting rewards and challenging their arcade skills every time.

Why do we love this game?

To get the best results on this arcade, the players need to play the game in short bursts. To get on top of the leaderboard, the players must complete quests, open their rewards and unlock new avatars and background tracks while getting complete immersion on this game. Players will enjoy the challenging ever-changing and endless levels every time they play. On the game, players are getting minimalistic aesthetics as they can choose from 12 different characters for playing the levels. Each time the game offers different cool sound effects, keeping the player addicted to playing. The task of the player on this game is to navigate the two mirrored diamonds through the endless maze full with challenging obstacles. Constantly, while playing, the player is followed by melodramatic sound effects, when he wins the game or when he loses. This game offers a path of risk, rhythm and rewards, leading the player on an exciting adventure. 

Download this game on App Store now for free.

App Store Download Link: Twin Diamonds

Google Play Store download link: Twin Diamonds

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

SubText app makes your conversations keep going

These days, your Android phone can be quite the communications hubs, letting you stay in touch with friends, colleagues and acquaintances, no matter where you are in the world.  These tools become increasingly important as social networking becomes more mobile and the business world continues to operate from mobile vantage points. When it comes to Android Communication apps, there are so many available today, most of which are good, it is hard to decide which the best is. Therefore, for your ease here in this article we are presenting a unique app from the category of communication apps that is available by the name, SubText.

What is SubText?

SubText is a brand new communication app that is all about spicing up your conversations with your beloved ones. Subtext accomplish that with ranking of your conversations based on how much you communicate with each person. No matter if the conversations are made using the default texting app on your smartphone or if the conversations are made on social networking platforms, this app will rank them all. It comes up with an amazing interface where everything is sorted out well in order to provide the best user experience.

How does it work?

To get started with this app the first step is to create an account using your Google+, Facebook or any other email address. Once you have completed the account creation step now you can enjoy the bounties of this app. the app rank up your conversation based on how many texts you send, who texts you the most, who you text the most, and based on this it decides who is the champion of the week, month, or year! Another best thing about this app is that you can view all the media from the particular user at one place by taping their name. There are many more superb features to be discovered.

So what you are waiting for? Grab it today free for your Android device Free from the direct download link given below.

Google Play Download link: SubText

Monday, December 4, 2017

My Casino Palace – Play Casino Games from Different Cities

Sometimes what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. Instead, it can now happen on your phone. Many apps for your smartphone can give you the feeling of being a big money winner at card games, dice games or slot machines without the risk of blowing up your bank account. With this kind of app, you can easily have the best casino experience while betting and winning. So, we did our research and we have the app for this purpose. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for IOS users, this app is containing all casino games in one place, offering its users to have endless fun playing different fun casino games while winning many achievements. This app is suitable for people that are older than 17, simply created and yet highly addictive. On this cool app, users get to enjoy one high-quality casino design with entertaining sound effects in each game they play. Users are offered to choose from many different casino games such as poker, slots, blackjack, roulette and more, having limitless fun betting in every game and winning coins for their right bets.

Why do we love this all in one casino app?

My Casino Palace is certainly a great choice for players that like the casino games and want to get true casino experience every time they are playing. On this single app are offered all casino games, offering users to choose from many games to find their favorite one. On the app, users get to use the coins to bet them in different games and win more coins every time they guess right in the games. With this app, users are allowed to play games like Roulette and Blackjack in different cities of the world, slots of 20 or 30 lines or games like Super Aces Poker, Jack and video Poker. The app allows users to purchase more coins for betting to increase their chances of winning in the games. With this app, users can bet different amount of coins in each game and win different achievements for their bets. Users with the best betting skills will certainly feel like real casino players.
Download this app on App Store now for free.

App Store Download Link: My Casino Palace

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Analyze Screenplays of Your Favorite Movies with Story Compass

We all heard the advice that for one to become a better writer, first must become a better reader. Same goes for screenplay writers, if you want to write good movie script, you first must be able to become a better watcher which usually means analyze things to death, deconstruct the story and pull it all apart, and then be able to construct a masterpiece of your own. Today we want you to meet Story Compass, the app which will help you analyze story structures so you can become better at building one.

Implement the story paradigms into your writing with Story Compass

Story Compass is an app developed for iOS and Android, which serves as guiding tool for better understanding and implementing the story paradigms into screenwriting. As one learns early on that structure is the key to a great screenplay, Story Compass can come really handy about seeing and analyzing how other screenwriters and filmmakers introduce the core elements of story theories into their screenplays and movies.

Why is Story Compass perfect for learning screenwriting?

Story Compass can be a very powerful helping hand for aspiring screenwriters and writers alike. It comes with multiple useful features. First are the multiple story paradigms configured in a common format as story wheels. You can toggle between them by swiping right or left on the screen. Together with the story wheels come and study guide synopsis to all of the paradigms and links to their authors. The study guides can be accessed by tapping on the wheels.

But what makes Story Compass so unique is the timer utility, which enables the user to analyze how filmmaker implement and execute the turning points of a story, in real time, while watching the movie. In the settings of the timer the running time of the movie and its credit scenes can be set appropriately for more precision. You can also take time-stamped notes and easily send them to your email or export them to other applications. Story Compass also enables the user to dim the light of the screen within the app, so it can be used in a movie theater without disrupting the watching experience of anyone at the theater. 

Story Compass is a powerful helping tool for anyone who wants to practice and improve their screenwriting abilities. You can buy and download Screen Compass for only $5.99 at Google Play Store and the App Store. 

Google Play Store download link: Story Compass

App Store download link: 
Story Compass

Official Website Link: Story Compass

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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Kompass Events – Share & Bring Traffic to Your Event

Finding fun ways and interesting events to spend our free time is not very easy, especially when there are many possibilities and we can’t keep track of all of them. But, developers have created apps that can help us explore events by our own taste, finding the best parties in our favorite places. Some of these apps are offering us to promote our own events too. We did our research and we have an app that offers you all of this in one place. Let’s talk about this app

What is this app exactly?

Developed for android users, easy to use, highly efficient and helpful, this community based event sharing platform is especially created to help users share explore and discover great events in their surroundings and in their favorite places. Using this app, allows users to view the greatest events with detailed information about ratings, reviews, photos and more, guiding them without any effort to discover the best party for attending. Also, the app can be used by users that are hosting a party and want to attract more traffic to it. With the help of this app, users can always find the best events in the best places in town.

Why do we love this app?

Kompass Events is especially created for users that want to communicate the latest deals of their business, for users that want to promote events like festivals, parties and events that are upcoming, for users that are casually going on events and for people that are travelling and need to find fun places for visiting. With the help of this app, each user can use the Kompass map to discover and explore events nearby and check in on the map when he is attending the event. The app is also helping users that are hosting their own event to share the event on the map or share sales, events in restaurants, nightlife events and more easily. The app is allowing users to share Facebook events on the app. On the event feed, users can keep informed about the events they are hosting or attending constantly, never getting left out again. Also, the app is partnered with Lyft and Uber, allowing users to easily find the way for arriving on their event safely and quickly.

Download this app on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Kompass Events

Friday, December 1, 2017

Parenting App of the Month - Baby Delivery Planner

Few days ago we reviewed Baby Delivery Planner, exceptionally useful parenting app that helps couples plan their pregnancy and delivery period. With its handy features and exceptional value it offers, there was no doubt that this was the best parenting app for this month. Read more below on how you can make use of it!

What is Baby Delivery Planner?

Baby Delivery Planner is an amazing conception pregnancy app brought to the Android platform by Harbour Pointe Creations, LLC. This baby delivery planner helps expecting parents to target or to avoid specific birth dates. Furthermore, the app is designed with smooth user interface and it’s very simple and easy to use. Let’s talk more about its handy features.

App Highlights & Features

Whether you want to avoid specific birth dates or to target a particular date for your delivery, Baby Delivery Planner has got you covered. All you have to do is install the app on your Android phone or tablet, select the date on its neat calendar and then let it do the calculations. The app will give you the information you need, on when you should attempt to conceive. Avoid giving birth during expected severe weather such as winter storms or very hot summers, avoid conflicting time frames and make a plan around your baby delivery. Before calculating the delivery date, don’t forget to consult your doctor regarding ideal delivery outcomes for your health.

Choose to deliver on or avoid delivery on a specific date with an ease, get the Baby Delivery Planner app for free from Google Play and enjoy.

Google Play Download Link: Baby Delivery Planner

Most Helpful App of the Month – Ariv

Whether you’re looking for an airport pickup, or a last-minute ride to get your group to a dinner reservation, there are many ride sharing services to connect you with local drivers. If you want to be a part of a revolutionary change of the ride-sharing industry, take a look at our Social App of the Month – Ariv. It is an amazing app, offering a very streamlined and consistent experience for both their drivers and riders!

What is Ariv all about?

But there’s an app that aims to solve many issues that prevail in currently used riding services, for both riders and drivers. We’re talking about Ariv, a new and innovative ride-sharing service that’s currently taking over the ride share and booking business. The app is easy to use, simple and gives all commission to its riders. Read on and find out what it has to offer.

What does Ariv offer?

Instead of having any shares or commission in the profits, Ariv offers monthly and weekly subscriptions. If you’re a driver using this app, you will always know how much you need to pay at the end of your subscription period, giving you the chance to make extra earnings if you truly put the effort. 

As a rider, you will always have a great car at your doorsteps, with few taps on your iDevice or Android. Forget about surge prices, unprofessional drivers and non-convenient riding experience. Now you can enjoy more streamlined rides and be a part of revolutionary ride-sharing community that’s going to change this whole industry.

Ariv is currently available for download on the App Store and also on Google Play. Get it today – it completely free of charge!

Official Website Link: Ariv

App Store Download Link: Ariv (Riders)

App Store Download Link: Ariv (Drivers)

Google Play Download Link: ARIV RideShare

Google Play Download Link: ARIV (Partner)

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Get Match candy combos: A match 3 games app for hours of addicting and challenging gameplay

If you're into casual puzzle games, chances are you've come across one or two match-3 games throughout your journey. Or maybe a few dozen. The fact is, the sheer number of match-3 titles available makes it hard to separate the good from the bad. But we're here to help. If you're looking to waste a whole lot of time, we’ve found an amazing one that will be more than happy to help.

What does Match Candy Combos game app offer?

Now let’s see for what we’re talking about. The game app that we want to share with all of you match-3 “junkies” is called Match candy combos: A match 3 games and we’re sure that you’re going to love it if you are already into this genre of high addictive mobile games. Are you sure that exquisite HD graphics with amazing animations, sound effects, game modes and addictive puzzle candy gameplay will leave you indifferent? We don’t think so, but try it and see for yourself for what we’re talking here, and our job is to warn you to be prepared for some serious fun that could last for hours.

What is the main point of the game?

Anyway, on just on the first look, you’ll meet the cute delicious candies that you should pop, match & connect in order to open the new challenging and quite interesting levels which this game abounds. If you fall into this game and want to nail it, but you get stuck at some points and levels, don’t worry a Match candy combos app also abounds with game booster support. In that mode, you can destroy with bombs all the unwanted obstacles that bound you to the same level over and over.

If this game sounds attractive for your taste than it’s available on Google Play Store for free downloading. Now check out and get some great fun for yourself! Enjoy it!

Google Play Download Link: Match candy combos: A match 3 games

Tease & Grow Your Brain Muscles With Worchy!’s Word Search Puzzles

There's no shortage of word games that show different spins on the same concept of putting together hidden words, or straight up playing Hangman like you're six again. Word games lend themselves particularly well to the touch screen format – the screen's your board, the keyboard is your word entry, and the Internet lets you meet tens of thousands of people to play together with. So feel free to grab our pick of the day – Worchy! and get word-ing!

A great brain teaser!

When it comes to word search puzzles available on the market, Worchy! caught our attention and impressed us with its different features, game modes, fun challenges and the sheer number of levels it offers us word puzzle lovers. It have all it needs for us to say it’s really one of the best out there. Great design, fun and challenging gameplay that will tease your brain and the charming mascot of the game Worchy the worldly traveler!

Why is Worchy! our choice?

Worchy! is one of those puzzle games that has no expiration date when it comes to its gameplay. It takes a fun spin on the search word puzzle games and if you sprinkle that with 5 different game modes, more than 275 levels to unlock, a massive dictionary of words and more than 40 achievements for every achievement hunter out there, this app is really one with unmeasurable replay value. All that and it’s totally free to download and play.

So if you need a game that will keep your brain sharp and entertained at the same time, Worchy! is the right pick. You can find and download it for free at Google Play, Amazon and the App Store.

Google Play Store download link: Worchy!

App Store download link: Worchy!

Amazon App Store Link: Worchy!

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PlayUp - Choose Your Favorite Fantasy Sport & Win Prizes

Fantasy sports rapidly became popular across the whole world, making people addicted in the games, offering them the feeling of a real game performance. So, if you need help with your fantasy strategy or just to get your game to the next level, you can use an app to easily get help. Many apps out there are created for fantasy sports fans but not each of them offers you all you need. We did our research and we found one amazing app for this purpose. Let’s see what the app is all about.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for android users, easy to use and especially created for fans of fantasy sports, this sports app is allowing its users to find their favorite fantasy sport, pick their challenge and win real prize money for each game. This is the first free global fantasy sports app that offers users to choose among different fantasy sports as American football, cricket, basketball, soccer and more, just with entering the app’s lobby and filtering by sport, finding their favorite sport. Users get to challenge themselves in many games while winning money for their skills.

Why do we love this app?

PlayUp as an global fantasy sports app for android users, offers all fantasy sports fans to find their favorite game easily, challenge themselves in different games and win many different money prizes for their achievements. With the help of this app, users can create their line-up of players, choose players that are in good shape, players that are due for playing and choose their strategy selection by preference. The players in the games can accrue points which are basing on their live performance. The user just needs to worry to get on top of the live leaderboard. For every challenge that the user wins, he is getting prizes in real money. The prizes can be used in the app’s gift shop for purchasing gift vouchers or products. On the app, users are also offered to use the training ground created as an practice facility and it’s simulating real life fantasy sports experience while keeping users acquainted with the fantasy sports daily. On the ultimate champion leaderboard, users get to rank themselves by their wins in different challenges and determine the ultimate fantasy sports player of the year or of the season. The best players are being added in the Hall of Fame.

Download this app on Google Play now for free.

Official Website: PlayUp

Google Play Download Link: PlayUp

App Store Download Link: PlayUp

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

TribeFluence, the App that Connects Branders & Influencers, Launches on Google Play and App Store December 2017

28 November, 2017 TribeFluence, the new App/marketing platform that connects Branders with Influencers, launches on Google Play and App Store in December.

Based on the constantly changing marketing trends and increased difficulty reaching the right audience, the new App TribeFluence will offer a simple and cost-effective way of promoting and advertising any product or brand online.

 Social media marketing is constantly changing, and now, not only do we have influencers, but an ever growing army of micro influencers (would be Influencers with smaller followings) to help get a branders message out. TribeFluence makes things easy and affordable for branders by aggregating a “Tribe” of Influencers through their proprietary software to not only recruit large influencers, but to also find micro influencers that are equally important. It’s this combination of ALL influencers that makes TribeFluence so cost effective, as smaller Influencers until now, made little to no money for their posts.

In a single app, the Branders i.e brands or individuals that need to get a message to the right audience, can connect with the Social Media Influencers in their niche to promote anything related to their products or service.

 “One of our core goals is to give brands a human voice.  We can also create original and unique content with influencers for the most effective campaigns.  We believe that promoting to a targeted audience through a group of the right influencers is the future and is the essence of TribeFluence”.

Johnny Vieira, the C.E.O and Founder of the app says “TribeFluence will be one of the fastest & most affordable ways to spread a message”. He goes on to say “this disruptive new technology will give Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sponsored ads a run for their money”.

TribeFluence will be free and available for download on App Store & Google Play in December 2017.

Go to www.tribefluenceapp.com for the latest news and updates.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Social Media Links:

Contact: Johnny Vieira Founder and C.E.O of TribeFleunce at:

Online community to share your deepest secrets by using the Secret confession app

The concepts behind "social networking" aren't anything new - ever since there have been humans, we have been looking for ways to connect, network, and promote with one another - but they've taken on an entirely new meaning (and momentum) in the digital age. Where we used to have handshakes, word-of-mouth referrals, and stamped letters, today's relationships are often begun and developed on LinkedIn, Google +, and Facebook.

What is Secret confession app?

However, we have a quite interesting proposal for our article today. We want to present the app that will link you to the online community where you can share and confess to anything possible. The app is called Secret Confessions and gives you the chance to tell your deepest or embarrassing secrets in front of thousands of people around the world, reply or make a comment to another member with a possibility to stay anonymous in the whole process.

From our experience, it’s a whole new shift in the perspective of the world, life and the people. It’s up to you to join this Secret Confessions community and interact with thousands of people and share your experiences with anonymous confessions.
How much it cost for using?

Using Secret Confession app comes with appropriate subscription prices. The cost for a month is $ 5.99, for 6 months subscription is $ 14.99 and for the whole year is $ 19.99. More info about the payment you can find down on the link below.

So, download it from the App Store and install the Secret Confession app on your IOS device and refresh your soul online. It can be challenging and exciting experience, so we definitely support it! Try it and enjoy it!

App Store Download Link: Secret Confession

Monday, November 27, 2017

Social App of the Month – Selfie Star

Whether you want to find new friends in your area or from all around the world, or to meet up with new dates, we have the right app for you. Selfie Star is a free Android app that helps you do all of this! We loved it so much that we decided to share it with you again as our Social App of the Month. Read why below!
Find your soulmate & make some money at the same time

Selfie Star is an Android social and dating app that will give you a chance to meet, chat and get to know the people around you, or wherever in the world and at the same time earn some extra cash while doing all of that. With these app you’ll be able to share your selfies and other photos on your profile and collect likes and stars. After you collect a set amount, the stars can be converted into real money. Fun way to earn some extra cash while meeting people and making friends.
Selfie Star best features

Aside of the stars feature, Selfie Star have many other features that makes it worthy of trying out. It has special option to find people and dates who are in your near vicinity. You can upload photos from your gallery, Facebook, Dropbox or Instagram account. The Activity Center makes it extremely easy to track who commented on, liked or gave stars to your photos. It can also sort activities by likes, comments, stars or visitors. If you opt for the premium version of the app you also get the option to check your profile latest visitors. 

All in all, Selfie Star is fun, enjoyable way to meet people and score some dates. The app is extremely easy to operate and use, so go to Google Play Store right now and check it out.

Google Play Store download link: Selfie Star

Software of the Week - Take Notes, Organize & Outline Better with WhizFolders

Note taking apps and software help in recording information captured from other sources. They record the essence of the information, freeing the mind from having to recall everything that must acquire and filter the incoming sources. There are many types of non-linear note taking techniques, such as clustering, concept mapping, idea mapping, mind mapping – etc. The best note-takers go much further. Many of them integrate full-blown organizational tools and storage so your “note” can be anything you can look at and capture for later research.

Not your simple everyday note organizer

Sometimes it’s difficult to describe WhizFolders as it is such a versatile piece of software that can be used in so many different ways. And that’s the reason why WhizFolders stands out in the crowd. It can be a wiki tool for your research, word processor/editor for your writings, planner for your projects, note taking tool for your studies and anything you can imagine. At its core WhizFolders is a two-pane hierarchical outliner, so it can be used for brainstorming, capturing ideas, reorganizing them into an outline and then to a final finished product. It is highly customizable software that lets you rearrange or simplify its toolbars, according to your taste and needs.

Distinguishing features of WhizFolders
WhizFolders comes with an ocean of useful features, we could spend days discussing them. Let’s mention some of the features that distinguish WhizFolders from the other note taking and writer’s outliner software available on the market. WhizFolders provides: the ability to make tree lists of note titles for easier managing of the notes, if you accidentally deleted or made a change on a note you can recover it from a “changed notes” database, assigning tags (keywords) to notes so finding them is easier and more convenient, automatically including URLs from source webpages, connecting notes with links allowing you to jump from one note to other related note, and many more features that’ll make your work process much easier.

WhizFolders is compatible with Windows OS versions from 7(64bit&32bit) to the latest Windows 10. It comes at a price of only $29.95 with a 30 days trial version to give you a chance of trying out the software and getting familiar with its features before purchasing it.

Download link: WhizFolders

Game Review - Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & Matching Puzzle

The casual gaming community is growing exponentially as more and more people are gaining access to smart mobile devices. Android has perfected the casual gaming marketplace and users can find thousands of games ready to download and play. Match game puzzles are a really popular genre of casual gaming due to their simplicity and accessibility. Here is one of the really great Android matching puzzle games that is a ton of fun and will also keep your mind sharp: Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & Matching Puzzle.

What is Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & Matching Puzzle?

Pet Puzzle: Match 3 Games & Matching Puzzle is an addictive and fun match 3 puzzle game that can be played by users of any age. Offered on the Android platform by Match 3 Puzzle Games, this game app is designed with great animations, lovely characters and a challenging gameplay that goes along with a pretty unique background story. Let’s see what it is all about.

Why play this awesome game?

The storyline is about an archaeologist who is on a challenging mission to discover the mystery of the wood and rescue the lovely pets that are kidnapped by monsters. As a matter of fact, you play with this character, so your main goal is to save the little pets by showing your best matching/strategy skills. Swap 3 or more pets on the board in order to blast them and complete as many levels as you can. .  Match 4 pets in a square to make a pet frenzy, match 5 pets to create a colorful pet and connect 2 special pets to create a super special blast, fight powerful bosses and try to rescue the pets. You can even play this game on the go – it does not require Internet connection.

Collect fruits, special antiques, win bonuses and compete against other players. Download the Pet Puzzle game for free from the following Google Play link and enjoy.

Timokids – Help Your Kid Learn Through Stories & Games

Educational apps are a great and fun way to keep your kids learning outside of the classroom, but the thousands of them are offered for our smartphones, making it difficult to find one that is useful and helpful.  Luckily, some of them are offering every feature you need to assist your kid and help him in his development while keeping his attention through the process. We did our research and we have the app for you. Let’s talk about the app.

What is this app exactly?

Developed for IOS and android users, this education app especially created for kids, parents and teachers is offering assistance though the development and educational process of kids while letting them have fun through many games and stories. This support tool for many important topics is created by specialists, pedagogues, and psychologists and it helps in the kid’s development in many phases of the childhood. Using this app, kids can develop many skills and learn though fun and original content. Addressing many issues like respect and bullying, the app offers help in the child’s training.

Why do we love this app?

Offering teachers and parents help through the educational process and development of kind, this app is available in more than 180 countries, completely safe for kids and free on propaganda. With using this app, parents can assist in the psychological development of the kids, while the kid haves fun learning through many games and original stories. The app is focusing on guided communication, educating the kid about difficult subjects that can happen in his world while each story is especially created with characters that are stimulating the psychosocial and sensory development of the children. With the app kids will develop sensory, auditory and psychomotor skills. The parents can have total control of the educational process, choosing the stories and design that the kid will attend and they can also use the record voice function to integrate in the kid’s stories. Parents and children will feel more present in their children’s lives by assisting them with this app.

Download this app on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Timokids

App Store Download Link: Timokids

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