Monday, October 31, 2016

SCREAMXO – All-Inclusive Social Media App

Can you imagine your life nowadays without social networking? No, we can’t too. Social media apps and platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and many more have become essential to our lives, they all offer different things to do online. But what if we tell you that this December, the 26th to be more precise, the App Store and the Google Play Store will become hosts of one single place to go for everything you do online?

We’re talking about an incredible social media app called SCREAMXO, which maybe you’ve already heard of. There is a reason for the hype, or better said – reasons! It will change the way we use social media due to its features, features that can help us organize, create and profit through a simple and intuitive user interface. What a Christmas gift, right?

SCREAMXO is created with 5 main sections or tabs: Media Buffet, Shop, Stream, Time, and Social. Media Buffet allows the users to share and upload multimedia content, Shop is an e-commerce store, Stream is a micro blogging feature, Time is a way to change how long your media and chat content stays visible, and Social is an easy-to-use instant messenger. Additionally, you are not restricted and limited to 140 characters like on Twitter – you can express your thoughts completely, and you can auto-delete your social media updates within a period of time you specify.

So far, access to the SCREAMXO app is by subscription-only, so you can sign up on and be a part of the grand launch this Christmas!