Thursday, October 27, 2016

Run Two or More WhatsApp in One Phone with Dual Whazaap and Multi Whazaap

Whatsapp is undoubtedly the most popular chat app worldwide with over 1 billion users. Its simple interface makes it popular among all people. We can send photos, videos and songs to the other people via WhatsApp at a lightning speed. No doubt Whatsapp has become part of people’s life. With the advent of dual sim phone people have dire need to run 2 or more WhatsApp in one phone. Also many people use multiple devices like tablet and phone so they need two accounts and more than two accounts.

There are many people who likes to segregate their personal life from professional life. Hence they require to use two Whatsapp accounts for this reason.
Let me introduce to you an app which serves this purpose to the fullest and you don’t need to root your phone- Dual Whazaap:

  1. More than one account : I am talking about Dual Whazaap which supports multi accounts simultaneously. You can literally use both accounts at the same time in your single device , mobile or tablet . It does not require your sim card to be inside it.
  1. Small APK size:  Many phones,with limited memory space, make it difficult for people to install apps in a bigger But you don’t need to worry about it at all here. The APK file of Dual Whazaap is just 4 MB, concise and also very easy to install in your devices.
  1. No Data Conflict: Both WhatsApp accounts work independently with each other so there is guarantee of no data conflict with independent data storage for each account.
  1. Switch Usage: The app provides a swift usage for fast navigation and switches accounts instantly in app or over notification bar.
  1. No root required: Dual Whazaap does not require your root access to run the second WhatsApp in your phone. It is much safer and stable.
  1. No extra mobile flow:  Dual Whazaap itself will not consume mobile flow but the second WhatsApp will do as usual. No more worry about extra flow charge.
And this is it? Not yet. The possibilities are endless. Yes, with this app you can create as many WhatsApp accounts as you want. Isn’t it great? How about one Whatsapp for professional use , another for friends and family and also another for the girl you met last night at the bar. Most time you don’t want to give access to your privacy to strangers. This is the best solution for you. There is currently no other app in the market which provides you unlimited WhatsApp account creation options. But here you get one-Multi Whazaap.
After smartphone coming into being, most people are addicted to their phones, and finally a phrase emerged as mobile freak. Mobile freaks do almost everything on their phone and WhatsApp  is a must to them. So here comes the demand of more WhatsApp accounts on one phone.Compared with Dual Whazaap, Multi Whazaap definitely gives more that what you want.
  1. Unlimited WhatsApp Accounts: Thousands of friends in WhatsApp is no longer a problem. Divide your friends according to your demands into the groups of friends, family, work, strangers and numbers of girlfriends. Create an account for each group and your life is simpler and cozier.
  1. Quick switch between accounts: In Multi Whazaap, your WhatsApp accounts will be named as WhatsApp01, WhatsApp02, WhatsApp03 and so on. Tap any one to switch between accounts without hassle.
Multi Whazaap, developed by the same developer with Dual Whazaap, includes all the features in Dual Whazaap. Well, the usage is also alike.
Steps to use both Dual Whazaap and Multi Whazaap:
  1. Download Dual Whazaap and Multi Whazaap as you like.
  2. Run Dual Whazaap or Multi Whazaap in your phone.
  3. Tap “Open” to create your second WhatsApp or “Build” to create your second, third and more WhatsApp accounts.
  4. Enter your phone number and verify one by one.
  5. Complete your profile with name and avatar and start your Dual Whazaap, Multi Whazaap tour now.