Monday, October 24, 2016

Game of the Week - Dunes War - Tower Defense – Fantastic Action/Strategy Game

Reviewed several days ago on our website, Tower Defense is still one of the most played games in our offices. Well, maybe it is because of the fact that we love tower defense games. For as long as there have been towers, we have been raining destruction down upon our enemies from atop them.

Tower defense games combine action, strategy, and not a little bit of stress as you try to keep enemies from reaching their objective through the use of building and upgrading your defenses. The good news is, if you’re looking for the best tower defense games online, you’ve come to the right place! The bad news… ? Say goodbye to your free time.

Today we have one of the finest games on both Android and iOS platforms, called Dunes War - Tower Defense. Thank to its developer, Nathalie Palaganas, we can now enjoy a well-packed game, full of powerful characters, like heroes, enemies, and designed with amazing graphics and animations. It is accompanied with engaging soundtrack and sound effects, and it can be played on both tablets and phones.

Your job is to defend the country that’s under daily siege increasingly ridiculous enemy numbers. You can manually aim and fire yourself, though you’ll want to make each shot count, so you can use the coins and chips you’ve earned to purchase people to fight alongside you, upgrade your defenses, and even place towers to help. Though the game starts off simple, the difficulty ramps up fast as soon dozens of enemies are sprinting towards you, and since your base doesn’t automatically repair itself between days, you have to show your best battle and strategy skills if you want to complete each of the 24 levels.

Dunes War - Tower Defense is pure, breezy, fast-paced fun in a way that can addict you to your fullest. That’s why we highly recommend you download it and try it for yourself, just click the links below and get it for free!

App Store Download Link: Dunes War - Tower Defense

Google Play Download Link: Dunes War - Tower Defense