Saturday, October 29, 2016

FireFan Review - The Sports App Everyone Has Been Talking About

Sports apps put the latest news, schedules, and statistics just a tap away, accompanied with hi-res pictures, podcasts and sometimes, even live-streamed video of the action. Having a great sports app is an amazing thing for the real sports fan. Thus, today we are recommending you a new sports app that is soon to be released.

FireFan is a free mobile app for playing real time fantasy sports. Allows you to play live during real sporting events. Play along with your favorite teams and compete with your friends, family, and even Pro Athletes Live.

Who is it for?

Pro Football Fans (NFL)
College Football Fans
Soccer & International Soccer Fans
Pro Basketball Fans (NBA)
Pro Hockey Fans (NHL)
Pro Baseball Fans (MLB)
Pro Cricket Fans

The official launch date has yet to be announced but look for it in the fall of 2016. Be sure to register here for it to get instant access once it drops.

Update: Looks like the FireFan app will be released in the Plan and Apple stores the week of Nov 21, 2016.

Pretty excited about this and to see what additionally FireFan has to offer.