Tuesday, October 25, 2016

App Review – First Dry Clean

It’s a common quip that technology was designed to make our lives easier, but it often does the opposite. While that’s true in some cases—we’ve all had our computers quit on us resulting is lost work—there are also hundreds of life-simplifying apps that can literally change the way we work and live.

One of the things that are most time-consuming is doing laundry and dry cleaning. You don’t need to worry anymore because we’ve found the perfect solution, an amazing app called First Dry Clean. This is actually the first pickup and delivery dry cleaning and laundry service app on both Android and iOS platforms. It is simple, easy to use and intuitive, and it is succeeding in its mission – to make our lives easier and to make us do what we really like instead of doing laundry.

The app only requires your sign up with your mobile number. Then you can start dividing and ordering whatever you need. Add the clothes you need cleaned in your Laundry Basket, tap finish and submit and wait for the app’s team to come to your place and collect them. You will get your clothes back freshly laundered, within the next 48 hours after the pickup. The app features almost every clothes and items available, from bottoms and household to wash/fold and suit and uniform.

With these incredible features and many more included, the First Dry Clean app can be downloaded for free from both Google Play and the App Store. Save your most valuable asset, your time, get the app today! It is one of the best dry cleaning Charlotte service.

App Store Download Link: First Dry Clean

Google Play Download Link: First Dry Clean

Official Website: First Dry Clean