Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Android Game of the Week - MegaFly- Minimalist Tap Jumper

When we first played MegaFly, a new Android game produced by the critically acclaimed Android and iOS developer Maljaroodi, we thought: This needs to be featured! Why? Because when you start playing MegaFly you simply can't stop playing. It is full of excitement and fun!

MefaFly is a minimlaist, action, tap and jump game that requires only one thing: to stay alive as long as possible! You will do that by passing through the obstacles where possible. You need to show great control over the ball and you need to show that you have great calmness when the situation gets tough .

We are not gonna lie. This game is hard! Especially in the first few tries when you need to learn the physics of the movements and controls. But with the well thought gameplay, stunning graphics and challenging obstacles, you will have hard time turning off this ultra-addictive game.

To make things even more interesting and challenging, MegaFly also features online world ranking. This will give you extra motivation to improve and always do your best. At the end of the day, MegaFly is not only an exciting, addictive and interesting arcade jumper, it is competitive too. Be sure to try it at least once on the App Store or Google Play. 

Google Play Download Link: MegaFly- Minimalist Tap Jumper

App Store Download Link: MegaFly- Minimalist Tap Jumper