Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Daily App Recommendation - MegaMic Microphone Megaphone AUX

App Name: MegaMic Microphone Megaphone AUX

Category: Utilities

OS: iOS,

Price: $0.99

Who is it for:

- Users that want use their iPhone as a microphone
- Users that want to always have microphone at their house for speaking, singing, parties

Stand out features:

• Simple and intuitive UI
• Voice Effects
• Functional with AUX cable
• Light and battery friendly

Most relevant user review:

"This is a great app as long as you have your headphones or earplugs in. It can hear what your neighbors are up to. Literally! Great sonding app.."

Developer: Tarundeep Bajaj 

App Store Download Link:  MegaMic Microphone Megaphone AUX