Voice Changer - One of the Best Voice Changer Apps for Android

If you are searching for a good voice changer app than stop. Voice Changer for Android will offer you many entertaining solutions which will offer wide variety of choices to change your voice. .

Aquilon Software Review - One of the best ERP software that can take your business to another level

That is why today we will talk about one of the best in the business software niche – Aquilon Software. It is a software that earned critical acclaim due to its features and functionality. Companies widely use it for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

4 Travel Apps For Your Smartphone That Are Useful Anytime

Travel apps have been constantly popular on these devices ever since their inception, but these days they’re so good that they’re actually useful even when you’re not desperately trying to have fun on vacation.

Game of the Day - Flapping Dragon Hidden Mushroom

If you are nostalgic about Flappy Bird then you definitely should try the cutest Flappy Dragon of all times.

Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

Android app that will make the creating of shopping lists very easy and simple.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

App Review - Millionaire Match

MillionaireMatch.com is the largest and best millionaire dating site. It has been there for over a decade, serving a very exclusive, elite clientele of rich and attractive men and women, CEOs, pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, investors, beauty queens, entrepreneurs, super models and Hollywood celebrities who are all seeking millionaire dating opportunities and a serious, long-term relationship. With this app installed on your device, you can connect with wealthy people from anywhere at any point of time. The App has all the features on website.

The MillionaireMatch app gives you instant access to these great features:

Discover single millionaires near you
Connect with Certified Millionaires
Chat with single millionaires online
Get millionaire dating advice from Millionaire Counselor
Get instant help

Download MillionaireMatch App for Android

Download MillionaireMatch App for iOS

Friday, January 29, 2016

Android App Review - Restaraunt Menu

While browsing the Business category on Google Play, we found Restaurant Menu - app that was best business apps on Google Play. After trying it for the last 5 days, we must say that we are impressed of how great this app can be for businesses. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Have Unique Fun Times With SelfieYo

SelfieYo is a Photo & Video iOS app that can become your new favorite social photo entertainment. It will break the monotony and enable you to have excitement on your iPhone. The goal of the app is to snap selfies, or SelfieYo as they called them. You can later share those selfies and let people around you to vote for them and chat with you. The points are given in like in a real game.

App Review - Quick Notification for Android

Several days ago we found one great Android utility that can save time to anyone and make them more productive. The app is called Quick Notification and is available for free on Google Play. It lets its users to launch apps, contact, control, etc on phone notification bar. You will be able to easily manage your apps and the apps you use mostly. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Software Review - DrawerJs, amazing HTML5 Canvas Editor and Drawing app

DrawerJs  is a great HTML5 Canvas Editor and Drawing web app that will enable you to create amazing drawings with great set of tools in your web browsers. That makes this wonderful web app cross-platform i.e it doesn’t depend on your operating system. However, even though this HTML Canvas Drawing app actually uses HTML5 and web browsers for drawing features, it is still as powerful as the popular software products for drawing. You can easily set this HTML5 canvas editor and use it in your webpage, all you have to do is add a single line of code.

HTML5 Canvas Editor is actually a JavaScript WYSIWYG Editor. It is obvious that the developers worked really hard to make it so enjoyable and easy to use. As we have used it for the last few days we can say that we couldn’t find any big difference if we need to compare this software to the other similar PC software out there. You can still produce some stunning drawings and sketches.

DrawerJs HTML Canvas Editor Features

Besides the feature we already mentioned – freehand drawings, there are several features that need to be mentioned to better understand. You can also, easily build diagrams, use lines, arrows, create custom shapes, and insert text.

DrawerJs also works on tablets, you can use various set of customization features and make your drawings as unique and creative as possible. This JavaScript WYSIWYG Editor can make your website or social media page stand out from the competition because of the smooth and feature rich HTML5 Canvas Drawing. 


This software is easy to use, feature rich, simple to install and can help you produce stunning drawings and sketches. Definitely worth checking out. 

Daily Game Reommendation - Noob: Tough Jump

If you are in a search for a new exciting, crazy and fun retro-looking game, stop. Try the ultra-addictive Noob: Tough Jump. This is an amazing game in many parameters, not only in terms of content, graphics and controls, but also because it is extremely entertaining, enjoyable and it features amazing fun challenges. Also, it is one of the simplest games to play and control.

The goal of the Noob: Tough Jump is to jump and land to the next pillar. But, although this sounds easy, you need to be extremely precise, because your nob will die.

It features simple tap and jump controls and as you progress and play the game more you will increase the level of control. The sound effects are also cool and entertaining. They will get you into the spirit of this amazing retro game.

As you play try to pass through more pillars. The more pillars you pass the higher the score. The game is integrated with Google Play Games so you can fight for your place on the Leaderboard and unlock achievements.

Another motivation are the 20 different noob heroes, they look really cool. If you unlock them all you will become The King of all noobs. Pretty cool, crazy and insanely entertaining unique game! Get it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Noob: Tough Jump

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Game Review - Panda Slot Machine Wild Game

Panda Slot Machine Wild Game is an Android casino game that can offer you hours of dynamic, exciting, vibrant and colorful Android casino slot gaming for free. This panda slot machine game is one of the best you will find on the Google Play. We have played it for the last few days and it is one of those casino games that will keep you entertained with beautiful graphics, neat gameplay, simple controls and all standard casino slot gaming features.

There are 4 different worlds for you to enjoy the game. There are big winning rewards, some times they can go up to $100,000 chips. Of course, there are many hidden gems, bonuses and looout for lost spins count bonuses.

To keep you constantly entertained the developers created more than 100 levels. When you play it, you got the feeling of a Vegas casino slot machine game. There is a 5 reels with fast reel stop. The game just feels and looks great.

Get this exciting slot gaming experience for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Panda Slot Machine Wild Game

Thursday, January 21, 2016

[Press Release] - AgreeOn releases a big UI update to their iOS app

21.01.2015 San Francisco, CaliforniaAgreeOn is an app to easily split and track rent, debt, bills, IOUs, and expenses with friends and family. The app was introduced on the App Store back in 2012 and today released another big update, v0.7.4, with a much more intuitive UI and some additional features. The app works on iOS9 and later, so if you are still on an older version of iOS, this is a very good reason to upgrade. The app is free to download.

Monday, January 18, 2016

HeadLamp - CBT App Project That Can Help People

Stress and anxiety can cause many health disorders and generally make us feel bad. While browsing Indiegogo we’ve found an interesting app project that will tackle this problem in an unique way. It goes under the name of HeadLamp and quickly it has earned critical acclaim and exposure because of the great idea and the founders. The app will be based on Cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT), which have long been viewed as one of the most effective therapies in treating anxiety and depression.

Friday, January 15, 2016

App Review – Get business leads with iCapture

Getting business leads on fairs, halls or conferences is crucial. The contacts you get there can become your new customers that can even be turned in returning customers. So, getting their contact details in the most convenient and neat way will surely offer you advantage and get you more leads. That is why we want to present you iCapture. With it, you will be able to capture data anywhere, without Internet connection!

Friday, January 1, 2016

16 Top Project Management Methodologies

Infographic brought to you by Wrike Project Management Software

16 Top Project Management Methodologies