Friday, December 18, 2015

App Review - TimeOfYourLife Multiple Stopwatch for Apple Watch

TimeOfYourLife is an iOS productivity app that was recently introduced on the App Store and an app that works with the Apple Watch. With this task and stopwatch app you can really increase productivity and we truly think it can have great value for anyone that wants to be successful.

The app’s name indicates the app’s idea. We don’t have time to lose in our lives, so we need to get rid of some “time wasting” activities in our lives and do things that are good for us and that can bring good things in our lives. The app is practically a multiple stopwatch/task tracker that will enable you to set and add app positive and negative tasks.

Some of the positive and productive tasks can be: working, running, reading and the negative tasks can be: surfing the web, wasting time on Facebook/Twitter etc. When you do particular activity you can activate the stopwatch for that activity from your Apple Watch, when you finish it simply stop it. You need to do this for each activity.

After a certain period you will see what is wasting your free time and which of the tasks is most productive and effective for your life. The app is available on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: TimeOfYourLife Multiple Stopwatch for Apple Watch