Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Netider Review

Today we are going to talk about one reliable hosting provider that is one of the most affordable in the webhosting market. We are talking about Netider, web hosting company that has earned huge user base due the fact that they offer broad, quality and reliable hosting service. They are in business for 10 years and now we are going to see which are their best features and explain their broad packages.

Netider features and packages

The great thing about Netider is that they offer 10 packages with different features and prices and you can either choose to pay monthly or yearly. In that way you will not have to overpay for some features you may never use. Their most affordable package is the one with 1000 MB of storage, 10GB Bandwidth, 99.9% of uptime, CloudLinux & CageFS, Free Site Builder and of course cPanel Control Panel. This is just for basic websites that don’t show a lot of videos and photos in them.

Most of the other packages are just combination of these features we already mentioned, but in enhanced version. Their best package is the Platinum package that offers 50GB Storage, 500GB Bandwidth, 99.9% uptime, unlimited domains, sub domains, add-on domains, emails, different PHP versions, CloudLinux & CageFS, CloudFlare Plugin, cPanel Control Panel, Free SiteBuilder and most importantly daily/monthly offsite backup! This is crucial for big websites and this is truly an amazing package that has great value.

The functionality of these features has been confirmed by many popular website that test the webhosting speed and information.


We already noticed that many webhosting review website have praised Netider for its value, you are getting a quality web hosting for such an affordable prices. So, we can confirm that as well! Even though they are a small web hosting company, they work with integrity and dedication and they have outstanding customer support. They are here to help you always. Netider is not a big hosting company that will hide from its customers, on contrary it is a web hosting company that cares for their customers and that will do their best to please their needs.
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