Friday, September 18, 2015

Game Review - Earth Invaders Reloaded

Earth Invaders Reloaded is an ultra-exciting Android retro game that has largely impressed us because we simply adored Android classic arcade games. The story line is simple, you need stop the earth invaders and destroy all of the obstacles that are trying to destroy you. You will have all of the classic space invaders weapons. The controls of the game are simple, you need to tilt your phone or tablet to move the ship and to tap anywhere to shoot.

It is a great retro game, simply, the movements are fast, the tilt reacts perfectly and you will feel that urge to destroy the very last alien. You will also have great urge to beat your high score. It is one of those games that you get addicted to, but in a fun way, not a frustrating way. It is one of the most challenging classic arcade games currently on Google Play.

The levels are very challenging. It is interesting how this game is actually an updated version of the one released in 2013. Earth Invaders Reloaded also features great sound effects and soundtrack. Get it for free on Google Play.

Google Play Download Link: Earth Invaders Reloaded