Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Game Review - Classic Dino Arrows Game 1997

Classic Dino Arrows Game 1997 is a new arcade Android game that represents real refreshment in that category on Google Play. The game features lovely graphics, beautiful colors and surroundings and it is one of the best arrow games that you will find out there. The goal is to move through the maze as long as you can and to avoid all obstacles and don’t hit the walls. Sometimes the maze can be harsh and hard so be skillful and show best reflexes in the most challenging moments. 

As you pass through the mazes try to collect as many gems as you possibly can. But watch out, these games can sometimes lead you die, so pick the best moment! The sound and graphic effects of this are lovely, they will get into the game even more. The game is totally free and it can be a great time killer that will relax you in your free time. Get it for free on Google Play.

 Google Play Download Link: Classic Dino Arrows Game 97