Wednesday, September 9, 2015

App Review - WakeOrDonate

Today we will talk about an interesting alarm app that has recently been published in the App Store. WakeOrDonate is not the characteristic alarm app that you can frequently find on the App Store. This is a charitable alarm clock that will donate money to charity each time you press the snooze button. In that way your extra 5 or 10 minutes sleeping could punish you, but reward to others. The donations can be different and customizable, the selection can be huge. 

However, the app will not take you money and the donation process is not mandatory. The process is simple, firs you need to accumulate balance in the app. Let’s say you put in 10 dollars. Then, next time you hit the snooze button the whole balance will be donated. Again, you choose where you will donate the money.

The app is a win-win situation. First, it can built better habbits in you, because each time you don’t get on time, you will “lose” money. Second, your money will go to the ones that need them the most.
Get WakeOrDonate for free if you have device that runs on iOS 7.0 or higher.

App Store Download Link: WakeOrDonate