Wednesday, September 16, 2015

App Review - Sukzes

Sukzes is a new productivity app that has recently caught our attention with its originality. It is a productivity app that can really enhance your life and make you much more successful in all fields. With it you can easily and effortlessly set up daily goals, add reminders and help you to become more successful. But, what makes Sukzes so different then all of the other apps?

Well it is the psychological effect. When you achieve certain task or goal you create, the app lists it as a success. If you set up 4 tasks that you need to achieve in one day, then the app will set up your daily goal of success to 4. 

The app is very fast, clean and easy to use. The UI is very intuitive and simply it represents a pure joy to use Sukzes. The app is free for limited time only, so get it now on the App Store. You will definitely be more organized and productive!

App Store Download Link: Sukzes