Thursday, September 17, 2015

App Review - Boardwalk App

Do you live in Venice Beach or are you planning to visit it soon? Well you must try out Boardwalk App. It is an iOS app that will help you explore Venice Beach and enable you to know every detail about it, something that you can’t find in the other popular map and bar finder apps. Packed in amazing design, with lovely set of great features, Boardwalk App will enable you to find bike rentals, restaurants, bars.. basically anything that you can do on the famous Venice boardwalk.

The app is extremely easy to use, fast and highly responsive. Not only that you can go through everything the app has to offer, but also you can create your own custom maps. Boardwalk App also offers coupons to local favorites, so you can expect great deals while you browse the app and you can do shopping through the app from your room.

Get the app of one of the most famous tourist attractions for free and have everything relevant to Venice Beach on your iOS device.

App Store Download Link: Boardwalk App