Saturday, September 5, 2015

Announcment – Subscribe and get the new iOS AdBlocker Vivio for free in September

Vivio is a new iOS 9 ad blocker that will be released in 2 weeks and we are announcing it because it is free if you subscribe in September. You can subscribe on the official website of the app and we will present you its features and how it can help you.

We can all agree that ads are the most annoying thing when using apps on any iOS devices. It is worse when there are popup and video apps that interrupt us. Vivio will block any ad, banner or popup video and it will enhance your user experience. But Vivio will not only offer ad block on apps, but also on web browsers. No more seeing non-relevant ads interfering with your reading or watching videos.

On top of that Vivio will block any tracking and in that way your privacy and security will be improved. Optionally you can choose the filtering and add or remove filters or use the predefined filters by the app. It is clean, fast and simple way to protect yourself from ads.

To summarize, Vivio will enhance your user experience and privacy, it will reduce your mobile data usage and it will save you battery. If you sign up in September you will get Vivio for free and you will be notified on the date of the release to download it. You can easily subscribe on the official website.