Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CPX24 Advertising Network Review

Any blogger or website owner wants to monetize his content in best possible way. Google Adsense and Yahoo Ads are maybe the most popular ad networks, but they are slowly declining. Not only that you can easily get banned from those networks, but also the CPC has significantly dropped, which is maybe due to Facebook advertising.

So, new, targeted and reliable ad networks are always welcomed by bloggers. Thus, from recently, we started using CPX24. It is a new promising advertising network that can assure you quality traffic at a really affordable price. We are currently using it as advertisers. We must say that we are extremely satisfied by the service we are getting and the traffic quality, so we decided to do review and to present its services.

How to start using it?

All you need to do is to register on CPX24 Advertising Network website. After that, no matter which category you select (publisher or advertiser) you will get your own dashboard. From that dashboard you can easily manage everything.

The publishers can get banner and set up them extremely fast and easy. Then they can follow the statistic on the dashboard which is neatly organized. You can earn through hits and referral hits. You can add as many websites as you want. All you need to do is to get the code and put it on your website. There are popups and other promotional tools that will assure more clicks on your website. The minimum payment amount is only $0.50 and there is high PPC, when compared to other ad networks.

On the other hand, the advertisers can easily create campaigns. For example we have created a campaign for USA and Canada visitors. You can set the campaign name, landing URL, hits, bids per hit, daily budget, hourly budget, frequency, operating systems, browsers and countries. We had great success so far, as the traffic is targeted. The bounce rate from those visitors is bellow 40, which is great, we didn’t hoped for that. That only proves the quality of this network. On top of that their customer support is highly responsive and returns immediately to any inquires.


CPX24 is definitely a reliable and well-worthy ad network. It can enable you to earn money as a publisher, and it can bring you quality traffic as an advertiser. It is easy to set up and use. There are neatly design popups and promotional tools and only $0.50 payout minimum. Try it, no matter if you are a publisher or advertiser, because it can only bring you benefits.