Sunday, April 5, 2015

[Press Release] – HehPal

The team of Prihtvi Games released the ultra-interesting casual game called HehPal. It was created with one simple goal, to entertain you to the fullest, but in totally simple way. So, it was no wonder that the moto of the game is as following “No One Can Play Just Once, we Bet!” With the great, easy to understand, tap-and-play game play, HehPal will both relax you and enable you to enjoy pure Android gaming on your smartphone or tablet.

This action packed game has amazing graphics, neat design and lovely vivid effects. The game is extremely challenging, so, don’t expect that you will achieve easy and many points. The game can get really confusing and challenging as you progress and it will require incredible skill and technique from you.

But what is the game really about? Well, you are a red dot. If you tap on the red dot, it turns to a green square. All the time there are red dots or green squares passing through you. You have to be in the right form so the game won’t stop. For example if a red dot is passing, you won’t need to do anything, but if a green square is passing through you will need to tap and change your shape. As expected, HehPal features various powerups that will enable you to improve your score and help you in the hardest moments.

The beginning is easy, but try to prove your mastery when there are many dots and squares coming to you at incredible speed. Remember, same colors will not kill each other, different colors will. Race against time, show your speed and skills and never miss the true color and shape, or you will fail.

The impossible game, the game that requires from you to be in the right color and shape at the right time is free and available on Google Play. Get it here: