Friday, March 6, 2015

Voiceboard – The future of presentations

Many people in the business world are tired of Power Point. It is a common thought that PowerPoint can’t satisfy the advanced need of presentation. Everything is just the same, it lacks advanced features and 90% of the presentations are similar. You can’t be unique or have touching or meaningful presentation with most of the presentation software that is available at the moment.

So, today we will talk about one new platform for creating presentations, it is one of the best PowerPoint alternatives. It is called Voiceboard and from our experience using this platform for the last few weeks, we could easily state that it will surely be the future of presentations! It is one of the best interactive presentation tools that are available on the Internet. 

With the features it has, Voiceboard could easily outshine PowerPoint and the similar PowerPoint alternatives in many ways. So, lets go through the features and see what this innovative presentation tool has to offer.


The most stand out feature of Voiceboard is that it will enable you to embed new types of interactive media. For example you can include live webpages, online documents, maps and even 3D models directly into your presentation. This will enable you to make your presentations much more visually appealing and compelling.

You can even add web based apps to your presentation. It is possible to add Facebook post or a tweet directly into your slides. Think about it, you will save yourself from all that awkward moments, like stopping your presentation, minimizing it and going to an Internet browser. Your presentation will become flawless and they will run without any interruptions to you as a presenter and to the listeners.

What we loved about Voiceboard is that offers tons of types of control. The most exciting is the Voice control feature. You can even use your mobile phone for touch gestures and say good bye to the mouse or keyboard. This presentation tool will enable you to control your presentation with your smartphone, wearable technology and new devices as they hit the market. We have tested this feature and it worked perfectly.

The user interface of Voiceboard is very intuitive. The software is easy to use and you will create presentations easily.

With all these interactive presentation features Voiceboard can be a great PowerPoint alternative. On the other hand Voiceboard can represent a great sales presentation tool because it will enable you to create more visually appealing and unique presentations. Seems the future of presentations is finally here.