Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Software Review - Keep your files safe with the outstanding Anenigma’s The Desktop Safe

Many people have lost their files, identities, money and much more due to insecurity, hardware damages and mall practices or even hacker attacks. In order to take security to another level, the UK based company called Anenigma has produced one of the best software solutions to improve security. The product called The Desktop Safe and it can vastly and importantly improve the security of your personal files and folders!

This software uses triple-pronged protection upon your files and private data that you store in a virtual safe. In that way you will never bullied or harassed by unwanted hacker attacks.

You can get the Destkop Safe here. This file security software app will secure and hide your folers, apps, photos and documents.

After you install it, the software will recognize all of the files on your computer. From then on you can put any file in a safe. You can do it in a simple drag and drop manner.

Lets say after a while you create a folder that you want to securely store in the safe and protect it. All you need to do is to click “Encrypt”. Then your personal files are protected with the world class security tool that employs AxCrypt AES-standard. Your files will never be hacked. Additionally, you can decrypt your files at any time.

Desktop Safe enables Time Lock, which will lock your files for a certain period of time. On top of that you can store any of your personal folders or files on the cloud with a simple click from within Desktop Safe. You will have a free, secure portal online on which you can upload or access files and again with the AES security.

From technical aspect, the app is very simple and easy to use. The UI is intuitive so you will start using the software in no time.

We have tested the software for the last week and we can guarantee that it is amazing. It is extremely fast, you can encrypt or decrypt files or folders and upload them to the cloud in amazing speed. The best thing is that you can try the Desktop Safe for free and see if it satisfies your needs. However, we are sure that it will because it is truly one of the best file security software available on the Internet.