Monday, March 16, 2015

[Press Release] - Xcopy Inc. Come with new services for app publisher to Earn More

Palo Alto 3/16/2015 Mar , 2015

The new Services allow app publisher to earn more from apps , Xcopy Inc. open new market for him with new way for payment. Our story began whom a good place to think of a good way in which Developers can earn and users can pay Fair price. So we started our journey to develop the product to create the perfect model that allows everyone to earn and pay fair. Xcopy Inc. allows any mobile App To Run as SaaS model price in Simply stated Instead of buying to rent.
This model allows to increase your paying customers. The reason for that you give the customers to pay for time they use your app if user use your app for 10 min's they will pay for this 10 min's only. We also supply different models for our customers: 
- Pay as you use - Billing by time of use 
- Pay as you read - Billing by reading 
- Pay as you Watch - Billing by time viewing
We are expanding our model Web site and software desktop Our model allows to implement it in a few minutes checkup:

Our technology provides a unique solution for app publisher that give system analytics in real time and Business Model and payment gateway set a price that meets your customers’ needs Payment collection system who their customers START YOUR APP AS A SAAS MODEL TODAY For additional information visit: