Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[Press Release] PosterVents - See Posters and Flyers on a Local Event Calendar – New Event App for Iphone

PosterVents is a brand new event app for iPhone that was released few days ago on iTunes. This is definitely something fresh and unique in the entertainment category. The app will display you relevant posters from events that are near your location. Basically, it can display you events from any location in the United States, so, this could be your biggest friend if you travel in a city that is unfamiliar.

This event app for iPhone could really help you in finding local community events or even national conventions in a really unique and compelling way. Actually, this iPhone event app includes tons of different event categories. From Arts & Entertainment, to Nightlife and Lessons/Classes, you can really find some entertaining and useful events using PosterVents.

You can search through the events with a simple tap. The app will show you events within 50 miles of your location. On top of that there calendar search, which means that you can search for events on the days you are free. The City Search feature will also enable you to search events by city or location, which is ideal in cases when you are traveling to a city that you have never visited before. Additionally, you can easily search through events, with keywords or even with zip codes.  

This lovely local event app for iPhone will also enable you to add your own events. That means that you can add poster for your event in any of the existing categories and get extra visitors. PosterVents is totally free, which is another huge plus for promotion. All you need to is to snap a picture from within the app and that is it.

So the app contains beautiful event posters, events near you and you can definitely use it for promotion of your own events. All these features are making PosterVents a high quality event app for iPhone and for the iOS platform. Get it for free on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: PosterVents