Monday, March 9, 2015

Press Release - Newly launched RECreACTION app, that records your reactions while you are watching a video on your mobile device

Initially designed for moms to record those moments when her baby watches cartoons on the mobile device. The reactions of the baby, those smiles, giggles, funny looks can easily be captured, stored and even edited for future share on social media.

“We are certain that everybody will find it’s own way to use RECreACTION. For example we are sure, that musicians will love it, because you can simply record your voice while the music is played in you mobile device. We truly believe many other uses will be found by people around the world.” - says developer of the app.
Easy to use APP that consists of 3 simple buttons. With only on tap you can easily activate the recording of the frontal camera, you then choose the video you want to watch or want to show this video to someone to watch. And guess what? The app records the facial reactions and voice of the person who is watching this video now. The only important note to remember is to have correct direction of the frontal camera to the face of the viewer so you can capture it all.
Later you can easily edit the video, take a snapshot from it, and easily share it on social media.

You may download this app for free at Google play

Soon to be available at Apple Store.


The amazing app that allows you to record the facial reactions to the watched video. It gets easier to capture the priceless moments, edit them and share on social media. The app can be downloaded for free at Google Play on