Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Improve your Vocabulary with the Outstanding Educational Chrome App Max Words

Produced by the outstanding company MaxScholar which produces various educational software solutions, Max Words for Chrome is one of the best educational apps for this platform. The idea behind it is exceptional. It will enable you to learn all you need to know about Latin and Greek roots. The idea behind this app is that it wants to increase your vocabulary through various extensive reading and learning word parts, including roots.

If someone is little confused about the meaning of the word “root” we will clear that right at the start. Root represents the basic portion of the word that carries a meaning. By learning what certain words mean, you will build and develop your vocabulary, and us most of the words in the English language have Latin or Greek roots, it is easy to say that the need for this app was obvious and we are sure that it will achieve big success.

How to use it?

After you download and install it from the Chrome store right from the start you will hear nice, pleasant female voice that will lead you through the process. The voice will teach you the meaning of the roots and how they are used in different words. After that you can practice what you have learned by forming words, sentences, paragraphs and simply develop fluency.

Each root has different modules, and each module has sets. You can go back and forth through the sets and repeat some things for better learning. The exercises are extremely helpful and you will definitely learn fast using them. Each set contain various words and roots that first are nicely read and explained to you. You will progress fast and get things quickly as the method of learning is amazing. Also, the UI and functionality of this app are basically flawless. It is easy to say that this guys are professionals when it comes to both content and design.


Max Words has great features, it is perfectly designed, with outstanding content and learning methods and it is definitely worth downloading. You can gain great benefits from it for free. This is a great app for kids and people that have just started reading and going to school.
Get it for free on the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Webstore Download Link: Max Words