Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Improve as a League of Legends player with Lol Runners - Lol Replay Analysis

Are you a League of Legends player? Do you love this popular game and like to get better? Do you want to improve yourself as a player? Well the service and website that we are going to present you today can largely help you in doing so. Lol Runners will enable you amazing LoL replay analysis and provide you with indepth analysis of your game session. The service collaborates with experienced League of Legends analysts and acquires them for video analysis.

How to start using it?

First of all you need to upload your OP.GG replay. Be sure that you clearly know what you want from the analysts. So, include video that describes your game and your weaknesses in the best possible way. For better results also include notes or requests that you want to be include in the analysis and the report.

After that the professional League of Legends analysts will review your replay. You will get detailed report about your replay. You must record your replay in the OP.GG replay method. Check out how to do that here.

We have tested their services for the purpose of this review. Recording a replay with the OP.GG method is very easy. After that we ordered their services. We got the full report in 36 hours. We must say that we are surprised on how well the analysis is written. You will get chills while reading for your own game play. But also, you will get informed and see your flaws. The analysts obviously saw some things that we would’ve never seen. On top of that he gave us great adviŅes on how to improve our game.

Every LoL player could have great benefit of the analysis enabled by LoL Runners. Their customer support is also amazing and there is money refund guarantee if you don’t like their services. What more can you ask for?