Wednesday, March 18, 2015

App Review – Rista POS Point of Sale

Good Point of Sale (POS) solution for the Android platform are pretty rare. Rista POS is the new app for the Android platform that can fulfill the needs of your business. The app is so comprehensive and full of features that I’m sure you will find it very useful.

Rista POS is extremely easy to setup. It basically requires no previous knowledge of POS software. It is easy to use and it has perfectly designed intuitive UI. You can create 3 system access controls: Manager, Admin and User.

With Rista you can easily customize your taxes and attach them to your store or stores. The payments also can be easily set up and the sales can be followed flawlessly. On top of that you can create custom payments like vouchers, check etc. You can manage your orders in various ways. Most importantly the app enables you to share any order in real-time with the customers.

Rista will also enable you to create catalogs. Actually the creation of catalogs have never been easier. You can define names, photos, price, add charges, discounts and organize them with categories.
Rista POS is also Inventory manager. Whether you want to create inventory for each branch, or track each stock, the app will enable you great inventory management features. It is the same when it comes to Analytics. Your sales, can be analyzed in various manners and you can use that data in order to improve them and see where you are going well or bad.

On top of all that features the app enables you to create digital receipts with logo and messages. This digital receipts can be sent by email, SMS, or by your Rista account. You can easily print this receipts on most of the printers.

With all this flawless features, Rista POS can be used in most of the business. Be sure to try it, you will be thankful for the creation of such a powerful POS app.

Google Play Download Link: Rista POS