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Aquilon Software Review - One of the best ERP software that can take your business to another level

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Create and use your shopping lists in extremely easy manner with ListOnGo Shopping List

Android app that will make the creating of shopping lists very easy and simple.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Smart Price Monitor – Excellent Chrome Plugin that can largely improve your online shopping experience

How many times you have liked some product, but you simply couldn’t afford it? In most of the cases there is a great probability that you have given up on that product even though the price of these products could be changed by the manufacturer at any time. Well, the outstanding Chrome app – Smart Price Monitor will surely enable you to get the products you desire with the best price! It is an app that will monitor the prices of your desired and favorite products and keep them on your browser.

Smart Price Monitor works with the biggest online shopping websites like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, Wayfair etc. You can start using the app in few simple ways and the app’s functionality is simply flawless.

All you need to do is to add this app to Chrome. Just click here and then click on Add to Chrome located in the right top corner. Then you can start adding prices of products into the app. The app will always show its current and best price. In that way you can see when the products is on discount and when the price will arrive on your desired range.

On top of that you can organize each price in folders. That means that if you are monitoring more than 10 pairs of shoes, then you can store them all in the folder “Shoes”. This can definitely keep you organized and offer you better overview.

Smart Price Monitor is simple, but extremely helpful and functional app. It can be extremely useful to people that shop often on these popular websites. The app is light, it doesn’t conflict or slow down chrome and it is free. The good news is that the developer will soon publish iOS and Android apps of Smart Price Monitor.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor - App Review

BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor is one of the best apps that you can use for watching over your newborns. This app will provide you reliable connection with your baby and your phone over an internet connection. Please note that this version can use your mobile internet, meaning you can be located anywhere and you are not strictly tied to your wi-fi connection. The app can provide you calmness and feeling of security as you will always watch your baby on your phone.

Features of BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor

In order to provide such an outstanding service, the developers confirmed to us that they have acquired one of the fastest servers possible. This server provides ultra fast and secure connection.
The best thing about this app is that it can work together with the most popular desktop operating systems, including: Windows XP or higher and Mac OS X 10.8 or higher. Also, the app is very light, it doesn’t spend to much mobile data or RAM memory. That also means that it will not drain your phone and you can run it for a long time.

Along with the video and audio data, the app also transmits some useful additional information like humidity and temperature.

Because of maintenance of the servers the app costs $18 yearly, which we have to admit is a very fair price when compared to what you are getting.

Additionally these developers have also created Wi-Fi version that solely works on your home Wi-Fi network. This app requires only one time payment of $4 and you can get it here.

These apps can prove very useful and functional to you and your family. We can strongly recommend them to parents or persons that are taking care of babies.

Google Play Download Link: BabyPhone Mobile: Baby Monitor

Go 2 Guys Auction - Montana's best online auction

The good auction sites are too rare. Very frequently they are spammy and they are limitless with features and items. The website called Go2GuysAuction is surely one of the best sites for online auction that you can find on the Internet. To be even more precise this auction website is the Montana’s best online auction website. You can find and auction the best items and products on this website. The website is location based to Belgrade, Montana.

Features of Go 2 Guys Auction

The website is very simple. Right from the home page you could easily access the pages you need. You can check the current auctions, you can apply to sell your items on the websites or you can see how to bid online.

The current auction category is always filled in with new auctions. There are constantly new items that are being put on auction. All auctions are divided into relevant categories and you can easily search with keywords through all auctions.

If you want to sell through the website you need to contact them and bring them your items. Then they will professionally asses them and determine their worth. First you need to fill out a consignment form after which you will receive check 7 to 10 days after the auction closes. It is as simple as that.

On the other hand the category on how to bid online will easily explain you on how to participate in an online auctions. With this kind of online auctions you can help liquidate discount items, equipment, autos, household goods, and many more.

If you have any type of questions you can easily contact them on the website or simply call them. Additionally, you can contact them through their Facebook Page where you can additionally interact with them.

At the end of the day, it is easy to see that Go 2 Guys Auction is an excellent website and great company. The fact the auction and bidding process are easy and the fact that very frequently there are auctions that you can bid to just prove their success. They are certainly the best website for online auction in Belgrade, Montana. Visit them if you want to sell or buy anything.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

App Review – Digitalis, the app for CPD of medical doctors and health professionals

Digitalis is iOS and Android app that will enable effective CPD to doctors and health professionals. It is basically a social networking app in which you can create your profile, follow different news, create CPD plans, find references, follow events and courses near your location or even find jobs.
So lets see how you can use Digitalis.

First of all, you can create your CPD profile with ease. After you add your information, you can additionally personalize it. For example you can add links, attachments in form of photos or PDF files and even add tags so you can easily search through your staff later on.

What we loved about this app is that it can be great source of references. You can easily search through them, and to the medical journals, and when you find something useful you can add it to your profile with a simple tap.

To keep you informed with the medical news, Digitalis will create your own news feed. This feed will show only relevant and tailored medical news that can be useful to you. Besides that, like we said before, there are great sources of references, journal articles, courses, promotions etc.

In order to follow or improve your CPD, the app has Personal Development Plans. The plan will enable you to set goals, set reminders and even share your goals with your friends or colleagues.
In cases when you are in a search for a job, Digitalis will also show relevant jobs that are near your location. This can be vital if you just lost your job or you are dissatisfied with your current job. On top of that, with the courses and events search you can also improve your knowledge and connections in the medical world, which eventually can lead to better job in the future.

At the end of the Day the app can be really useful for doctors and health professionals. It contains various handy features that will surely engage you to effective and improved CPD. Get it for free on get it for free on App Store or Google Play.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Review of Lemonstand

We decided to do this review of LemonStand in order to give you guidance and knowledge about this great service. The review will include various important features that could prove very useful to business owners.

LemonStand is ecommerce platform that enables you to create and manage online shopping stores. In purpose of this review we created online store and we sold laptops and tablets. You can create your store as well, there is 14 day trial and the whole process of registration and creating a store lasts only a minute.

How to create a site and how to start selling

After you create your account and login you will be led to your dashboard. From there you can fulfil your company’s information. After that you are set to go. You can choose a theme that correspondents with your business. There are several great themes that we have tested. Every theme is highly functional and effective. They are created by the team of LemonStand in order to be easy to use and to sell.

After you select certain theme, then you need to add your own details, like logo, banner, name of company, products etc. The simplicity and the great organization of the website elements make LemonStand one of the easiest platform to use by the average user. With LemonStand will not designer, you can do all the needed elements by yourself. That will save you time and money.

On the other hand, not only that you will be able to create e-commerce site, you will be able to grow it with the information given on your dashboard. There is possibility to follow the sales percentage, earnings, conversion rates, taxes and many other data with LemonStand. This is a great feature that can be highly functional and improve your online business in many ways.


You can see the prices below. They are totally affordable when compared to the features they can offer you. There are 4 plans depending on the size and number of products of your business.
Startup: $49/mo, unlimited products, 1 user,
Professional: $89/mo, unlimited products, 2 users, priority tech support, advanced Google Analytics, support for digital products
Growth: $149/mo, unlimited products, 10 users, priority tech support, custom fields, Subscriptions (for recurring sales,) wholesale support
Enterprise: $399/mo, unlimited everything, all features

Final Overview

While doing this LemonStand review we realized that if you have the products and the idea, you can easily realize them with this e-commerce platform. You won’t need web designers or administrators to do the job for you. With only basic internet knowledge you can set up a selling website, add your products, logo and banners and start with your business. The grow feature is another thing that we liked about LemonStand. The information it can give are enormous and you can use them for creating your selling strategy. At the end of the LemonStand is easily one of the best platforms to start your e-commerce business.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

App Review - BoobleheadTV

Are you a fan of TV Shows? Do you laughed with How I met Your Mother or Friends? Well Booblehead TV, the entertainment iOS app will help you re-live those moments. This great app contains over 8000 quotes from shows like How I Met Your Mother, Friends, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, New Girl, Seinfild, That 70’s Show, The League etc.

The artwork of Bobblehead TV is just amazing. The app contains not only quotes, but also over 700 animated videos. The app is fast and flawless, and the content is just very tasteful, funny and highly entertaining. Funny quote from Joey or Jerry Seinfeld can really light up your day and keep you positive. Remember you got all of those quotes on your iOS devices. You can watch or read the quotes together with your friends, or just share any quotes directly from within the app.

This app is pure example that with creativity and talent you can make great apps. Booblehead TV so far is receiving great feedback from the App Store users. It has perfect 5 star ratings from over 25 reviews. Get it for free, re-live and enjoy your favorite TV shows!
P.S: More shows and characters will be added!!!

App Store Download Link: Booblehead TV

Monday, February 2, 2015

[Press Release] - Screen Game

One of the best retro games for Windows (Desktop Games) - Screen Game is now available on Google Play Store, The game allows players to select from a set of several tools and play on their mobile screen. Players can destroy, crack or color their screen using many different tools such as guns, bombs, paint brush's and others. 

This is the first version, the developer will continue updating the game to include more tools with higher quality as well as other functions and features.

Have fun with this simple Android game that is available for free on Google Play. It is one of the best new Android games. 

Google Play Download Link: Screen Game

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Youzign – the great new service to help you with graphic design

We recently found a new great graphic design solution for businesses and entrepreneurs. You won't need any specific skills or knowledge in order to use this service. This web based software is one of the easiest ways to design without using Photoshop, Illustrator or any other similar program that can cost you thousands of dollars on yearly basis.

YouZign is free. All you have to do is to register on the website. After that you can do the design from the dashboard. I got to say that the dashboard is neatly organized and highly responsive. On the top tab you can change the size of the document you want to create. You can chose the size depending on what type of document you are designing. Whether you chose business cards, Facebook cover photo, infographics, YouTube covers or any of the other elements, you can easily change their size according to your needs.

The categories on which you want your design to be based on are located in the left top corner. Bellow that box, there are the icons that you can easily implement in your creation with a simple tap. You can move around every icon or logo, change their size or rotate them.

There are various options when it comes to transforming an object. You can easily delete it, duplicate it, change the opacity or the color, or even add different fill effects. Even if you accidentally turn of your browser, all of you work is saved forever on your account.

One of the most important features is the possibility to upload your own photos and logos. In that way you will personalize your design and make it usable for your own business purposes. On top of that there are already pre-designed templates for every category. You don’t even need to bother to design anything. This is what makes YouZign even better service.

Overall, this service is highly functional and reliable. Every average computer user should be able to make great designs on this website. Forget Photoshop or Ilustrator, forget the expensive designers, be creative and try something new, fresh, simple and outstanding!