Saturday, December 27, 2014

ItBots – Great website that will help you automate your operations and improve your business

ITBots is a an amazing site that will offer you so much great software solutions to improve your business, sales and profit in general. From Manta Scraper to Yelp Business Suite and Twitter Smart Manager this website offers tons of great service that will improve you in so many ways. So, lets go through all the services that this amazing website offers. We at hightechholic have tried all of the services and we must say that all services work perfectly, fast and without any flaws. The creators of the website are just amazing group of highly professional software geniuses.

ITBot Services

Manta Scrapper – It is a great service that will help you solve Captchas on this website. The system of this website blocks users with captchas in order to make sure that they are humans, one of the 4 captcha services for will surely help you to solve tons of captchas with the amazing software that is extremely easy to use.

Yelp Business Suite – This is another great service that will enable you to boost your sales, find great contacts and improve your product or service via the powerful website called Yelp. The software will scar business information including: business name, business address, phone numbers, state, city, zip code, website name, Yelp URL.

Twitter Smart Manager is another great service offered at itbots. It is a great software that will enable you tons of useful promotional features like auto follow, unfollow, tweets, retweets, favorits, username scarper and even image recognition. Great software for business owners that want to promote their service on twitter.

Amazon Scarper Pro – This amazing software will scarp products from the world known Amazon. This will enable you to get amazing tons of information about various products. This software will scrap: ASIN Number, URL of the Product, Product Price and Product Title.

Additionally, ITBots offers additional services that could also make you more money online. The AdFly AutoClicker will boost your earnings from this advertising company. Instagram Marketer pro will help you with your Instagram profile and the Fiverr Promotor pro will boost your sales. There are many ways that you can use ITBots, you just need to find what you need.