Thursday, March 20, 2014

Improve your work quality; increase your comfort and accuracy with DXT Ergonomic Mouse

On average I probably spend 8 hours daily on a computer at work and later at home.  I use a mouse excessively, usually when designing and I am now getting pains and muscle spasms regularly. So  I have started to research and  test some new keyboard and mice  to see  if  I could  find  some unique and innovative product that would  help me.

Recently I found one interesting, unique and innovative product called DXT Ergonomic Mouse. It is probably the best ergonomic mouse on the market right now. It is designed to stand vertically, which will increase the comfort and accuracy while you are on your computer. You can use it with both hands and only an extremely light touch is required. This is perfect for performing of your everyday tasks.

It is proven, scientifically and practically, that DXT Ergonomic Mouse reduces will help to reduce strain on your arm, wrists and hands whilst you are moussing. I have dealt with awkward pain in my forearm many times and this ergonomic mouse definitely helps me in reducing this kind of pain in the forearm. I think that should help anyone suffering with carpal tunnel syndrome  or  any repetitive strain injury to still  be  able to use a mouse.  This explains why this mouse  is often referred to as a carpal tunnel mouse.  It’s ergonomic design makes it easier for sufferers of this condition to use.

Because this mouse is small, light and comfortable, it will also increase your accuracy. This ergonomic mouse is very reactive, gentle and easy to navigate with perfect for designing, editing of pictures or drawing.  Its compact vertical ergonomic design will fit the most hand sizes. It requires only a light touch and offers limited grip force control, which ensures that using this mouse is much less painful and uncomfortable than a standard computer mouse to move around. Another great thing is because of its small foot print you will be able to use it basically everywhere. You can also choose if you want it wireless or wired. It can also  be used  in either hand, so that you can  give  one  hand a rest if  it starts to  get painful and  you have urgent  tasks  to complete.

After testing it I have already ordered two, one for the office and another for use at home as I am sure that it will greatly help me.