Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gazer - Top quality handheld stable platform gimbal systems

The handheld stable platform gimbal systems are professional stabilizers of various devices. Gazer are practically the most professional, quality and dedicated company that produces this kind of products. They work with incredible passion and they want to make their products available to the world. That is one of the reasons why they started project on Kickstarter. They pledged $16,628 so far and they are close to their goal. 

Gazer Products

SP1 is intended for smartphones. You can use it for iPhones or basically any other Android device. This stabilizer will enable you to capture breathtaking pictures and videos. You can use it in various angles with various stabilization and customization features. 

MD1 is intended for all compact size/mini DSLR cameras. Most of the brand cameras with that size are supported. Like with the SP1, you will get amazing stabilization and customization features because this device includes: adjustable tilt angle, 360 degree rollable handle, quick mounting device, proprietary fast & silent AC brushless motor, horizontal and vertical fine tune, proprietary FUZZY A.I. algorithm, virtually ZERO degree auto leveling and fully automatic swift initiation.

MD2 is similar to MD1, but practically it is an 3 axis mini DSLR gimbal. It includes all direction joystick control with integrated pan lock. Amazing product that is compatible with most of the mini DSLR cameras.

GP1 handled gimbal is Go Pro 3/3+ companion. It has all the features of the MD1, but it has different dimensions. 

DS1 Professional 3-axis DSLR Gimbal intended for Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 DSLR. This handled gimbal includes Pan axis lock button, 3-axis all direction stabilization, Virtually Zero degree auto leveling and the Proprietary FUZZY A.I. algorithm which is included in all Gazer Products. This particular product was awarded with an Innovation Award in Japan.

DS2 Professional 3-axis DSLR Gimbal  for Blackmagic BMPCC DSLR is similar to the previous model but it is intended for Blackmagic BMPCC.

DS3 Professional 3-axis DSLR Gimbal intended for Canon 5D3 Mark III DSLR.

All the products of Gazer were presented around the world and received various awards for innovation. They are truly amazing company that want to be leaders in this new niche in the consumer electronics.