Thursday, January 16, 2014

Take advantage of the education possibilities at BrainCert: Virtual Classroom

BrainCert is very popular and quality education website that offers various services to students, instructors, teachers and the organizations. It has developed quality online courses and tests, but it also offers a platform that will enable to teachers to create such tests and courses online. This e-learning platform was created back in 2000 and it has already been used by many teachers, students and companies. With other words, BrainCert has authority in the education world.

The creation of online courses at BrainCert is really easy. Everything is intuitive and nicely arranged. With the creation tools it offers, you will create and publish the courses in few moments. Also, the editing and management of the already created courses. You can also import content packages from other platforms. The import and publishing of private, or even public content is really easy. Not only that you can import and edit the content, but BrainCert will organize and manage your content.

BrainCert will also let you create virtual classrooms. The software that will enable you to create such classes, online meeting or conferences is cloud based. I had a possibility to attend one class created on BrainCert, and everything was smooth, fast and compelling. You can use this platform for online classes in order to have more effective lecture to your students. You can also use it in your company to explain some process or to perform training to your employees.

BrainCert will also let you create professional tests, assessments and quizzes. There are tons of features that enable you to create astonishing and amazing tests. Also, it is possible to sell the test or courses you create at BrainCert. The software is integrated with PayPal and Stripe, which will enable you to earn very fast. 

At the end of the day, it is easy to say that BrainCert is amazing e-learning platform. It has tons of features and I'm sure that you will find the right way to use it, no matter if you are a student, teacher or company.