Friday, November 15, 2013

Make your app successful with Your App Report

Making a good app is a hard job. However, making your app popular and well known is even more harder. There are many marketing websites that offer app promotion. However, most of them are either low quality or they are too expensive. Today, we are going to present you one great app marketing website called Your App Report.

They have incredible offers that are really affordable for what you are getting. This is ideal for developers who are starters in this business, but also for developers that want to increase their downloads and make the next step in making their apps more popular. So, lets see what services they offer.

115 Android App Reviews

This is obviously for Android developers. For only $89.99 you will get amazing 115 reviews posted on 115 different Android blogs and websites and all that in 5 days. Also, there are better offers that cost little more. This will increase downloads and create the needed hype for your app very fast.

155 iPhone App Reviews

It is the same as Android, but for iPhone apps you will get 155 App Reviews for $99.99. They already are collaborating with many quality iOS apps, which is a proof for your app to get more downloads and the needed attention.

App Icon Design

Design of quality app icons and all that for around 9 days.

Press Release Writing and Distribution

They offer professional Press Release about your app. This press release is written by a PR specialist with more then 15 years of experience. Then, the press release will be published on 10 free press release websites.

Manual App Audit and Suggestions

An experienced professional will work with you and your app. You will also get suggestions and 25 page audit which includes analysis and recommendations.