Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Improve your love life with Lovendar

The life in couple can become boring. Even if the partners love each other, sometimes there are times when they don’t know what to do in their free time. That can make them feel frustrated and often stupid problems and fight arise from such relationship. Today, we are going to present you iOS app, that will help you to make the times you spend with your loved one, much more interesting and entertaining. That is how you will escape from the monotony in your relationship.

Lovendar is creatively designed app dedicated to love, couples and relationships. Basically it is a tool to select the gifts you want to buy each other, things to do together and what to try together. This will bring whole new dimension to the relationship.

How it Works

After you both download Lovendar on your iOS devices, you need to invite the partner to join you. Then you can share different things and start organizing events together. For example you can put pictures from you two, locations you want to visit or gifts you want to buy each other. You can also add dishes to eat or movies to watch. You will definitely be more organized using Loveandar and you will get notifications when your partner adds or completes certain wish.

All this is done privately and it is only seen by you two. That is how you will get to know each other, find funny things about yourselves and enjoy your loved one. Loveandar is also very sweetly designed. The UI is easy to understand and the app just looks tasteful and beautiful. Lovendar is free and available on the App Store.