Thursday, October 3, 2013

Worker Wise - Control your online employees and freelancers with this excellent software application always tends to present you unique, quality and useful software that will help you to save time, money and be more effective. Thus, today we are going to present you such software application. It will certainly save you time and money if you hire employees and freelancers on the Internet very often. Also, because it is a web app, you can access it from any computer that has Internet connection.

We all know that most of the online tasks are paid hourly. Sites like eLance or oDesk enable to freelancers and job seekers to ask for hourly rates. So, if you hire some designer, programmer or developer for hourly rate job you can't really know how much time did he actually spend in working for the given job. Worker Wise will enable you just that!

It is an software created for the employers that collaborate with freelancers and online workers frequently. Worker Wise will accurately count how much time your workers did actually spent for working on your projects or tasks. With that you will save money, because you will not pay for the minutes or hours your worker didn't work. You will save time as well, because when the worker will be monitored he will tend to do the job faster and better.

Screenshot of my Worker Wise dashboard

After you sign up you can start using Worker Wise. You will need to invite your workers to your dashboard and they need to sign up as well. When they start working this web app starts recording and makes numerous screenshots of the workers activity. That is how you will see what your workers are actually doing while working on your projects. They can pause the recording when they are not working and that is how the work time count will be extremely precise.

What is also great, is that the creators of Worker Wise offer 30 day free trial. Thus, you can check if the software really fits you and does it really help you. I have no doubt that if you really need it, you will be extremely satisfied. Try it here.